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Far-left Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) dubbed “pencil-neck” by 45th President Donald Trump, who was recently blocked by Speaker Kevin McCarthy from serving on the Intelligence Committee, slammed the decision by Meta to reinstate Trump on Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks.

“Based on Meta’s previous statements on standards for allowing Trump back on the platform, his account should not have been reinstated,” Schiff and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wrote in a letter on Monday.

“Trump has continued to post harmful election content on Truth Social that would likely violate Facebook’s policies, and we have every reason to believe he will bring similar conspiratorial rhetoric back to Facebook, too,” they claimed.

“How Facebook could reinstate his account, given all the additional content on Truth Social that would likely have resulted in a brand-new suspension if it were on your platform, is inexplicable,” the pair whined. “[W]e believe that part of Meta’s commitment to election integrity should be ensuring that those who maintain the unfounded, dangerous narrative of the 2020 election are not allowed or encouraged to spread the lie in any form.”

Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta announced last Wednesday they would be reinstating Trump “in the coming weeks” after being banned from their platforms for two years.

“FACEBOOK, which has lost Billions of Dollars in value since ‘deplatforming’ your favorite President, me, has just announced that they are reinstating my account,” Trump reacted in a post on his booming social media platform, Truth Social.


“Such a thing should never again happen to a sitting President, or anybody else who is not deserving of retribution! THANK YOU TO TRUTH SOCIAL FOR DOING SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB. YOUR GROWTH IS OUTSTANDING, AND FUTURE UNLIMITED,” Trump added.

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“To assess whether the serious risk to public safety that existed in January 2021 has sufficiently receded, we have evaluated the current environment according to our Crisis Policy Protocol, which included looking at the conduct of the US 2022 midterm elections, and expert assessments on the current security environment,” Meta President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, said. “Our determination is that the risk has sufficiently receded and that we should therefore adhere to the two-year timeline we set out. As such, we will be reinstating Mr. Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in the coming weeks. However, we are doing so with new guardrails in place to deter repeat offenses.”

Meta-formerly-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has dropped by $70.2 billion in 2022, dropping him 14 spots down to the 20th richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Zuckerberg’s net worth reached a peak of $140 billion in September 2021. When Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, his net worth began to decline.

Meta reported their first-ever quarterly decline in revenue from the previous year in July 2022.

In January 2021, Facebook suspended President Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram for two years. 

“Facebook’s ruling is an insult to the record-setting 75m people, plus many others, who voted for us,” Trump wrote in a statement. “They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this censoring and silencing, and ultimately, we will win. Our country can’t take this abuse anymore.”

Trump has also slammed Zuckerberg for a $400 million donation he made to local election officials in 2020 to “adapt to changes in voting patterns that resulted from the pandemic,” according to Business Insider.

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