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Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta’s shares skyrocketed a whopping 23% on Thursday alone, one of their greatest stock days in a decade. This comes after the company announced their decision to reinstate 45th President Donald Trump “in the coming weeks” after being banned from their platforms for two years.

On January 25, Meta President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, announced Trump’s reinstatement. Immediately after the news broke of Trump’s return, their shares began rapidly growing.

This comes after a financially rough two-years for Facebook after they suspended Trump from their platforms on January 7, 2021 over the protest at the capital.

Trump reacted to Meta’s skyrocketing shares, taking to his very successful social media platform, Truth Social, writing on Friday morning, “Have you seen that Big Tech is up MASSIVELY since they put me back on the platforms.”

“META UP 57%. Truth Social is hot as a pistol —People are pouring into its beautiful web at levels far greater than ever expected. It’s my VOICE,” Trump added.

There is definitely a Trump phenomenon around social media platforms. It appears as soon as social media platforms ban Trump, their ratings collapse and as soon as he returns, their rating boom.


Far-left social media platform Snapchat permanently banned Trump after the capitol protest and their financial status has been suffering ever since.

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CNBC reported on Tuesday that Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, reported its fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday and once again fell short of analyst expectations.

“It’s the third disappointing earnings report in a row for Snap investors. The day after the company’s Q3 earnings report in October, shares fell 28% on disappointing revenue. The stock lost 39% following its Q2 report in July after it missed on both top and bottom lines,” CNBC reported.

Truth Social’s massive success has been receiving praise from even the far-left New York Times. The New York Times, dubbed the “failing New York Times” by Trump, admitted in an article in November titled “Truth Social’s Influence Grows Despite Its Business Problems” that Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, has become “vibrant” and has “managed to out-place its rivals.”

What’s even more impressive is that thanks to Truth Social’s massive success, Forbes added Trump back onto their “Forbes 400” list of the 400 richest people in the United States.

According to Forbes, Trump Media and Technology Group is now Trump’s “single most valuable asset.”

Trump owns 80 percent of the company, which is 73 million shares at (then-price) $25 a share, worth over $1.8 billion-dollars.

“But make no mistake, Trump is extremely rich. In fact, the former president climbs back onto The Forbes 400 this year after dropping off 12 months ago, with his estimated net worth jumping from $2.5 billion to $3.2 billion, enough to qualify for No. 343 on the ranking of America’s richest people.” Forbes reported.

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