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A movie critic named Kathia Woods was mocked on Twitter Tuesday when she alleged that the new Avatar: The Way of Water is “cultural appropriation” of people of color.

The film critic leveled that white actors were cosplaying people of color in the film despite the fact that the characters in the film have blue skin.

“At some point we gotta talk about the cultural appropriation of Avatar and white actors are cos playing as poc,” Woods tweeted. “It’s just a mess and so not necessary & no amount of visual effects/CGI is gonna erase that. Bad Lace fronts/Dry synthetic braids. Jesus fix it”

Progressives like Woods can seemingly find injustice in everything in life and the new film is no different. The movie is apparently being boycotted for some due to perceptions of racism.

Director James Cameron has been accused of appropriating veinous indigenous cultures throughout the film while casting predominantly white actors.

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One such progressive activist crying over the new film includes Yuè Begay, an indigenous social media activist and co-chair of Indigenous Pride L.A., according to Newsweek.

“Do NOT watch Avatar: The Way of Water,” Begay tweeted. “Join Natives & other Indigenous groups around the world in boycotting this horrible & racist film. Our cultures were appropriated in a harmful manner to satisfy some [white] man’s savior complex. No more Blueface! Lakota people are powerful!”


Another Twitter user named Autumn Asher BlackDeer, an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, shared a similar sentiment: “Why watch a ridiculous movie about blue aliens when you could just support actual Indigenous people and our struggle for clean water here on Earth? Yes, we do exist.”

The ridiculousness of these progressives, particularly the film critic Kathia Woods, caught the attention of many, however, as jeers came from across the internet, per The Daily Wire

Daily Beacon investigative reporter Andrew Kerr wrote “James Cameron didn’t even try to find native blue people to play these roles smh.”

“It’s true,” wrote another user mockingly, “it’s disgusting James Cameron didn’t cast any actual na’vi actors in a movie about the na’vi.”

Dan O’Donnell also mocked the movie critic saying, “Only nine-foot tall blue aliens can play nine-foot tall blue aliens in movies, apparently.”

It’s clear that progressives will continue to provide entertainment for Americans who actually have common sense as they seek out injustice for the sake of tearing others down.

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