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Alex Jones and his holding company Free Speech Systems were ordered to pay an additional $473 million in damages to the families of the Sandy Hook School massacre victims. This brings Jones’ legal losses in the ongoing series of defamation lawsuits to an unheard-of $1.44 Billion. Jones’ accounts have also been frozen, blocking him from transferring any assets or spending money other than for “ordinary living expenses.”

In a single-page order freezing Jones’ assets, Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis said, “With the exception of ordinary living expenses, the defendant Alex Jones is not to transfer, encumber, dispose, or move his assets out of the United States, until further order of the court,” according to Bloomberg.

Judge Bellis imposed the punitive damages after ruling Jones guilty through a controversial “default” ruling which she declared was due to what she referred to as Jones’ multiple failures to turn over financial documents and records in the discovery according to The Associated Press. These are records that Jones and Infowars’ legal team maintain do not exist.

According to, Brittany Paz, an attorney and corporate representative for Free Speech Systems testified on the stand that Infowars doesn’t use Google Analytics, based on conversations she’s had with an employee.  “I can only say what was conveyed to me,” she said.

The plaintiff’s attorney Chris Mattei presented emails that included Google Analytics data being sent internally within the company and asked Paz if she wished to change her testimony.

“I don’t know at this point what they do or don’t do with it,” Paz said.

In a filing demanding that the ruling be set aside, Jones’ legal team argues, “Despite the defendants having turned over tens of thousands of emails and documents, having employees sit through dozens of depositions, and responding to both written discovery requests and requests for admissions, the court entered a default, finding a willful failure to substantially comply with discovery obligations, The jury was left to decide damages alone. At trial, the court construed the default in such a manner as to eliminate any need for the plaintiffs to demonstrate that the harm they suffered was caused by Mr. Jones.”

Bellis stated during the ruling, “Perhaps the most egregious representation in the filings states that the defendant contends and has always contended that neither he nor the various entities with which he is affiliated has such data, and that there was nothing more that could be done,” she alleged.

She added: “This defendant knew of the existence of the Google Analytics documents at the time these representations were made to the court by their counsel.”

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In comments prior to the sentencing phase, Bellis reiterated this claim, “I’ll make the following observation: This stunningly cavalier attitude with respect to their discovery obligations is what led to the default in the first place… The defendants have consistently engaged in dilatory and obstructionist discovery practices, from the inception of these cases right through to the trial.”

In response to the Judge’s ruling Jones responded to the ruling live on-air during the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show according to Infowars:

“They already had a $965 million rigged deal where the judge said I was guilty, and told the jury that I was a bad person and wouldn’t let me put on evidence and put on fake evidence against me.

I don’t have $2 million, so it’s a joke on them and they know that. They got all our discovery, they got all our financials and then said we didn’t give it to them and then did this.

Now the judge has issued a ruling, my lawyer just sent it to me 10 minutes ago and it’s already all over the news, ‘Alex Jones ordered to pay $473 million more to Sandy Hook families.’

They’d asked for $2.75 trillion, or 2,750 billion, [laughs] which is ridiculous, and then now they – ‘Oh, it’s more reasonable, only $473 million.’ If I sold everything I had, it’s not $5 million, $4 million, So… that’s the camera equipment in here and everything.

So, they’re doing this so you hear billion dollar numbers, you hear 400 million numbers, you hear trillion dollar numbers and you go, ‘Well, he’s over.’ That’s not how America works, folks. They can’t stop me from being on air. They can’t stop me from broadcasting. They can’t stop any of it, even though they admit that’s their goal.”

Jones was found guilty of libel by default and ordered to pay damages for “the reputational harm and emotional distress caused by years of Jones pushing conspiracy theories that the shooting was faked and the grieving parents were ‘crisis actors.'” according to Bloomberg.