Ben Shapiro ROASTS Oscar Best Picture ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’, the Internet Explodes in Response

On Monday, conservative podcaster and co-founder of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to deride the Oscar Best Picture winner ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ for not being memorable.

In response to the criticism, the internet exploded in reaction with some agreeing with Shapiro and others sharing their opinions loudly about the movie that won six Oscars.

“In five years, nobody will watch ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once.'” The movie is meh,” Shapiro wrote. “It is overlong (2 hrs 19 min!), confused, and generally bizarre. In fact, nobody has watched a single best picture winner five years later since 2007’s ‘No Country For Old Men.'”

Some users agreed with Shapiro, writing, “I went to that movie with high expectations, but walked out 20 minutes later. The intellectual part of my mind couldn’t convince the rest of my mind that it was worth staying.”

“By next year the whole multiverse concept will feel like a dated gimmick, it was an ‘it thing’ as a consequence of Marvel, but will be similarly transient,” another user commented.

“Bizarre is the exact word I kept repeating trying to get through this overextended mismash soup of good actors paired w/a strange mix of ideas,” another user explained. “I watched it b/c I loved Data from Goonies and enjoyed his character in Indiana Jones. I couldn’t believe that this won over Top Gun. Once again, it reaffirmed & reminded me as to why I don’t watch the Oscars. The voting panel is full of ideological, self- indulgent, & ingratiating hucksters peddling an agenda designed to influence politics and culture. Not sitting through this movie, again.”

While some agreed with Shapiro’s take on the matter, other had criticism for the podcast host.


“I’m sorry the very good movie confused you,” wrote one user, with another adding, “Bro why do you need to hate on everything.”

“It was a weird movie but it still made a lot more sense than most other movies out there,” commented another in response to Shapiro’s criticism. “Still a total blast and very well done overall. I’m glad it won.”

“Personally– I thought the movie was excellent, [Michelle Yeoh] brought out the role, granted you really need a love for quantum theory and the ability to really nerd out,” another emphasized, but adding, “Did the movie deserve any awards, I’m thinking no– it was only a movie for nerds and geeks like me, and I do not see this movie being played by the masses ever again.”

Following the massive online conversation, Shapiro reemphasized his opinion on the matter during his show saying, “In five years hence, we will look at the numbers and see how many people are still watching ‘Everywhere Everything All at Once’ forever for all time. I think the answer’s going to be nil.”

“In fact, let me name for you the films that have won best picture in the last fifteen years, and you tell me if you have ever rewatched any of them,” he said, citing previous winners like “CODA,” “Nomadland,” “Parasite,” “Green Book,” “The Shape of Water,” as reported by The Daily Wire.

“You want to know why the Oscars are failing, guys,” the conservative political commentator said. “Because you won’t nominate films that people like to watch. That people enjoy watching and don’t feel obligated to watch.”

‘Everywhere Everything All at Once’ won Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Film Editing. Lead Michelle Yeoh won best actress in a leading role, Ke Huy Quan won best-supporting actor, and Jamie Lee Curtis won best supporting actress.

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