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The Biden administration blames everyone (and even everything) but itself for its own poor policies.

On Monday Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s Secretary of Energy, blamed fuel price increases on “being obviously based upon international and climate events” at a White House press briefing.  While international and unforeseen climate-related events do have a bearing on energy supplies and consumption, energy policy also factors into the cost of fuel at the pump.

As the Daily Caller notes the Biden administration’s hostility toward fossil fuel production plays a major part in fuel price increases. Daily Caller documented this hostility through the revocation of the Keystone XL pipeline, canceling offshore lease sales, and its general regulatory regime toward onshore drilling for oil and natural gas. While the Biden administration may shift the blame for rising gas prices on the Russo-Ukrainian War, since Biden was sworn into office gasoline prices had already risen by 48 percent in the week before Russia invaded Ukraine, as per an expert at The Heritage Foundation.

Much of the blame for raising prices lies with the nature of Biden’s green energy agenda and his administration’s self-proclaimed goal of ending fossil fuels as a source of energy that the country is reliant on.  The anti-fossil fuel policies coupled with outbursts against fossil fuels like Joe Biden’s admission that “an incredible [energy] transition that is taking place”  is seen by Forbes  and an expert at The Heritage Foundation as proof that higher costs for fossil fuels are intentionally part of this agenda.


Such green agendas typically do not pay the promised dividends of having reliable non-fossil fuel substitutes powering America’s cities and farmlands. California is case and point of this. Its transition from oil and gas to greener energy sources has made the state vulnerable to rolling blackouts and put the state at greater mercy of the elements like summer heat waves. Despite the declaration of a power grid emergency by Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA), energy prices reached $2,000 per megawatt-hour back in August.

Yet in spite of all this, the war against reliable cheap energy continues and intensifies. The Biden administration is now even weighing banning gas stoves and other appliances, per the Daily Caller. One can agree with the principle of exploring less polluting technology as an alternative to the current energy sources we rely on. However, the approach that many Democrats have taken here is not a good one.

The mechanisms of the free market are a better judge of what people want and are more reliable than the current attempt to force people to adopt this new and unreliable technology. Such a top-down policy of mandating green technology may result in less reliable energy sources when compared to gas and oil. Under the Democrat’s energy agenda, Americans will be far from living in harmony with nature, we will be at nature’s mercy.

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