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Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Sam Brinton of the Office of Nuclear Energy is back in the news. A felony warrant is now out for the 35-year-old in Las Vegas for another alleged luggage theft after already being placed on leave for an alleged luggage theft an energy department spokesman said.

A new report from KLAS in Las Vegas has revealed that a felony warrant was issued for Brinton according to 8 News Now investigators who cited an anonymous source. The local outlet reported that the warrant stems from allegations that Brinton stole luggage from Harry Reid International Airport.

This news comes only days after Republican members of Congress called for Brinton’s resignation in a letter to President Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Unlike the previous case in Minneapolis, the source didn’t reveal the precise value of the luggage stolen, in that case, $2,325, but did note the charge is for grand larceny in the amount of $1,200 and $5,000, law enforcement records showed.

Grand larceny in the state of Nevada is a category B felony and carries the potential sentence of up to ten years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Republican Congressman Tom Cotton of Arkansas tweeted, “Re. Sam Brinton, let’s call it what it is: a person clearly unfit for a high-level national security role was hired because the Admin prioritizes wokeness over competence.”

GOP Congressman Troy Nehls of Texas seemed to concur in his own tweet writing, “A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Biden nuclear waste official Sam Brinton for stealing women’s luggage. He should be fired and have his security clearance revoked IMMEDIATELY.”

This is a developing story and additional updates will be reported as they arise.