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A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Joe Biden’s approval rating plummeting as more and more Americans reject his woke and radical leftist agenda.

The poll shows an abysmal 36 percent of voters support Biden. 55 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden.

Who can blame them? On almost every issue, Biden has damaged American pride.

Biden gave us a failing economy. While Donald Trump helped to uplift both consumers and producers, Biden’s economic agenda has only hurt the American public. Biden has pushed woke policies in education and has not disavowed critical race theory — a truly sickening and racist ideology. While the Democrat Party embraces a woke agenda, the American people are left to suffer the consequences — and they are truly disastrous.


In the meantime, our Southern Border is in shambles. Donald J. Trump wanted to protect America with a great, big, and beautiful border wall. He put America First and we the people loved him for it. On the other hand, Biden has enabled an open border agenda that is quickly tearing our nation apart.

While we sympathize with the plight of the illegal migrant, we recognize a nation without borders is no nation. We must secure our Southern Border as the prized asset it truly is.

And who can forget the disastrous Afghanistan pullout? While Trump had a robust America First foreign policy that put fear in the hearts of our enemies, Biden has been a weak leader who commands disrespect wherever he goes. The pullout of Afghanistan was done in the worst way possible, and it is what initially lead to the decline of Biden’s approval rating in August of 2021.

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Simply put, Joe Biden is not well-liked, and his policies are even more distasteful to the American public. That much has been true for some time and will remain true until the Democrats drop their radical agenda. While Biden enjoyed relatively high approval ratings throughout the early stages of his Presidency, when voters learned more and more about his agenda, that relative popularity turned into blatant unpopularity very quickly.