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On Friday’s HBO showing of “Real Time” with Bill Maher, the host argued that medical schools have been maintaining that puberty blockers, medication given to teenagers, who wish to halt puberty in order to transition genders, are being promoted by medical schools by lying about their effects.

Maher was joined by writer Andrew Sullivan and Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC). The discussion initially centered around children and teenagers’ gender transitioning and the use of gender pronouns in the classroom.

“I remember when no one uttered the word homosexual because it was too disgusting to even mention,” Sullivan, a gay man, said. “It sometimes gets to me when the younger ones tell me that I’m the dinosaur. Do you know what we, our generation, went through as gay men and women? Do you know what we really did? Do you know the actual oppression of dying in the streets, of dying of AIDS, of fighting for basic human rights? And then they turn around and tell us ‘you’re an old has been, you need to just go away, you hate trans people.’ F*** you is what I say.”

“Excuse my language but I’m tired of it. And the way they can’t debate you. They say immediately that you hate people. I don’t hate people. I would cherish a trans kid,” Sullivan explained. “I just don’t want a little gay kid to be told suddenly that he might be a girl inside. I don’t want kids who aren’t able to make these kinds of decisions, to decide to have medicalization, sterilization, and drugs before they even hit puberty. It’s just wrong.”

The host then steered the conversation to the Biden administration’s desire to promote such practices.


The Biden administration “will not say a word against it, even though plenty of other countries in Europe are establishing — clearly, the media — The New York Times, even, The Washington Post, have begun to consider maybe there’s problems with these puberty blockers and these early interventions and maybe we shouldn’t intervene so early,” Sullivan explained. “And the Biden administration is, no enemies whatsoever to the left ever. We will never say anything but this is essential and obvious, and we should trans students as soon as possible. And it’s just — I don’t even think Biden is that behind this, but he’s certainly controlled by people who are.”

 “Well, medical schools are behind this, actually,” said Rep. Mace, adding, “They’re training these medical students to say that puberty blockers are reversible, they are not.”

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“Yes. And that’s the problem,” the HBO host said in agreement. “Right. And this is coming from the we’re the science people.”

As Maher, a self-described liberal, continues to speak out against the transgender agenda spreading throughout the country, it is a welcome sign that some minds are changing for the better. 

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