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Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council described President Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as the ‘chief of propaganda,’ in a Wednesday interview with Just The News.

During an appearance with the “Just the News, No Noise” show, Judd told hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head that Jean-Pierre’s “title should be ‘chief of propaganda,'” adding, “That’s what it should be. Apparently she does not want the American public to know the truth. She wants it to be withheld from them.”

Judd made this statement in response to Jean-Pierre’s claim that, “The removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open. Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers who again are spreading misinformation and which is very dangerous.”

Judd continued by laying the blame squarely on the Biden White House for the overwhelming tide of illegal immigrants flooding the border. The union president added that the cartels know that Biden is weak on the border thus encouraging them to continue to smuggle migrants across the Rio Grande.

“The cartels act on actions and this administration’s actions have clearly shown that the border is in fact open,” Judd explained. “It doesn’t matter what she (Jean-Pierre) says. She can say that the border is not open. She can say that people aren’t crossing the border illegally. She can say all of those things, which are lies.”

“The simple fact is that these cartels are generating profit off of this administration’s policies,” he added. “That’s what they listen to. That’s what they watch. Its actions, not words.”

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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the states fighting the removal of Title 42 by delaying Biden’s plan to end the health policy. However, if at any point the Democrats are successful in achieving their goal of opening the border fully, there will be even more chaos as thousands of migrants overwhelm border patrol, Judd explained.

“Our border is in fact broken. All you have to do is look at what this administration has done. We have already released or people have gotten away to the tune of 4.5 million. And once Title 42 goes away, that number is going to jump up to 10 million,” Judd told Just The News.

Judd has served as a Border Patrol agent for 22 years and was elected President of the National Border Patrol Council in March 2013.