Boston Hospital Reportedly Encouraging Gender Dysphoric Teens To Tape Back Genitalia

Boston Children’s Hospital published instructions on how youths could deal with their gender dysphoria this past week, with guidance spelling out how those who felt uncomfortable with their biological gender could use “duct tape,” — to tuck back their genitalia.

This information was released in the “gender services” section of the hospital’s medical guidance. The same bloc details advisement on topics ranging from “gender-affirming hormone therapy” to the “gender spectrum.”

The medical community is apparently taking a more woke approach, maybe in an attempt to avoid leftist cancel culture, when dealing with the nation’s youngest and most vulnerable demographic.

This same community, however, has seemingly been tied to the left’s political ideology for years, given the stances of most public face physicians.

This leads to heaps of government funding and special grants, which makes maintaining this alliance imperative — even if it means relinquishing the most fundamental tenants of medical ethics.

This recent story is just one of many, as controversial public acts by healthcare professionals is nothing new.


The America Medical Association’s (AMA’s) 2021 Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity, is a perfect example of how this agenda has breached the innermost workings of America’s healthcare system.

The AMA listed the following areas of focus as the pillars of their efforts against racism, within the medical landscape:

1. Embed racial & social justice in AMA enterprise, culture, systems, policies, practices

2. Build alliances, share power with historically marginalized & minoritized physicians & other stakeholders

3. Ensure equitable structures & opportunities in innovation

4. Push upstream to address all determinants of health & root causes of inequities

5. Foster pathways for truth, racial healing, reconciliation and transformation for AMA’s past

These proclamations haven’t stopped America First candidates and legislators from standing up against certain doctors, who have yet to offer any middle ground or compromising solutions on sensitive matters — only further division.

It’s up to voters to decide in November if this is the path the nation wishes to go down, or if it’s time for the pendulum to swing back the other way.

The upcoming midterms will provide much needed answers to these questions.

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