BREAKING: Anna Paulina Luna DEMANDS Adam Schiff Pay $16 Million With House Resolution For Spreading Trump-Russia Collusion Lies

On Tuesday, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) filed a privileged resolution against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to censor, condemn, and fine the California Democrat $16 million for his efforts in fueling the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

"I just filed a privileged resolution, H. Res. 437, to censure, condemn, & fine Rep. Adam Schiff $16 million (1/2 the cost of Russia investigation) for his egregious abuse of trust," wrote the Republican firebrand on Twitter. "I, with my GOP colleagues, look forward to an imminent vote to hold this feckless man accountable."

The move by Luna comes just days after she filed a resolution to have Rep. Schiff thrown out of the House of Representatives, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer

The recently revealed Durham report found that Rep. Schiff and Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.) attempted to get university researchers to investigate claims of then-President Trump’s ties to Russia through Alfa Bank. 

In response to these revelations and the fact that Schiff repeatedly pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax throughout the Trump presidency, Luna issued a resolution last week that demanded his dismissal from the legislative body.


Rep. Luna wrote in her tweet sharing the resolution "Schiff lied to the American people. He used his position on House Intel to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars. He is a dishonor to the House of Representatives."

Others in Congress have already begun to question Rep. Schiff, with House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) saying in an interview "It really raises the question about Adam Schiff. You remember when he told the American people he had proof? Remember when he told them he didn't know the whistleblower?" 

The Florida Representative followed with another tweet on her personal account, stating, “Knowingly using your position on House Intel to push a lie that ripped apart our country, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and authorized spying on a US President and then proceeding to double down on the lie within days of the Durham report coming out makes you unfit for office. Ethics should investigate,” once again attaching the image of the House Resolution.

As Adam Schiff begins to face attacks on both his right and his left, he is currently running for Senate in California, his political future seems to be on shaky ground.

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