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On Tuesday night, President Joe Biden is set to take the national stage for his second State of the Union address as both the House and the Senate convene for a Joint Session of Congress to hear from the chief executive.

In preparation for the event, the Biden administration has constructed a wall to keep out potential intruders showcasing once again that President Biden would rather protect himself with a wall rather than the country on the US-Mexico border.

In response to the scene, conservatives blasted Biden for his hypocrisy.

“When Biden starts talking about unity at the SOTU just remember he’s also putting up fencing around The Capitol because that’s how he really feels about the citizens he’s supposed to represent,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, adding, “What a joke.”

“The fence is back up around the Capitol for SOTU because Biden knows walls work on the ground,” wrote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). “Joe Biden is more afraid of Americans visiting their Capitol than a Chinese Spy Balloon invading our air space that could have carried God only knows what.”

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This isn’t the first time that a wall has been constructed to keep out the public. In 2021, following the Capitol Riot, a fence was constructed and kept in place for six months by the Democrat-controlled Congress, as reported by NPR. The reintroduction of the wall further showcases that Democrats know that walls work yet they still favor an open border.

“Joe Biden ordered the wall be built around the Capitol building before his SOTU address tonight,” wrote actor Antonio Sabato Jr. “But he can’t protect our country and our border?”

“They’ve reinstalled the fence around the Capitol,” tweeted Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). With no reports of increased threats, I can only assume it’s to ensure Biden doesn’t wander off after the SOTU.”

“Wall work,” said Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) with the “security fence” behind him. “If you need proof then right here. While Congress and Joe Biden are protected by this fence, President Biden leaves the rest of the country unprotected on the southern border.”

As President Biden prepares to lie to the American people repeatedly tonight during his State of the Union address, at least he will know that he is safe behind his wall. That’s a far cry from the millions of Americans that have to deal with the consequences of a lawless and wall-free southern border.

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