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Reports are flooding in via Twitter and into campaign phone lines that irregularities are already occurring in the contentious Arizona 2022 midterms.

The Tuesday morning elections have begun with reports from multiple locations in Anthem, Scottsdale and Phoenix of long lines and Maricopa County Election machines failing.

Tyler Bowyer Cheif Operating Officer of Turning Point USA, took to Twitter with a video of an election official reportedly at an Anthem at approximately 7:30 a.m. MST

In the video, the unnamed official tells the gathered voters, “We have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working, okay? The other tabulator is taking about 75% successful. So 25% of them are being misread. And it could be a printer issue, or it could be the tabulator itself. So when its misread you have an option to put into what’s called ‘Box 3’ and it gets read. Whether it goes downtown and gets read manually or whether it gets re-fed in into our tabulator they get read. Okay? So noone’s trying to [laughs] deceive anybody.” 

The official then tells a woman questioning the process that she cannot fill out her ballot and take it to another location. The video has subsequently been shared by Charlie Kirk and Newsmax’s Benny Johnson, and GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Benny Johnson of Newsmax tweeted video from an undisclosed polling location in Arizona with officials providing similar instructions.

Bowyer later tweeted that “More than 10% of polling locations in @maricopacounty have had substantive voter access and tabulation issues this morning. The @GOP lawyers are working to resolve issues and hold the county accountable swiftly. Please do not go home. Go to a new location or wait.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP Chair reported in a pair of tweets that the affected rate of polling places is now up to 21%, or 50  locations out of 233 as of this report and urged voters NOT to submit their ballots for adjudication, rather suggesting they spoil them and complete a new ballot.

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