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A burglar was shot twice in the chest by a homeowner last week when he attempted to burglarize the homeowner in Pahrump, Nevada with a stolen shotgun.

The suspect, 48-year-old Shawn Richard, was shot twice in the chest after entering the home of an armed Nevada resident, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO).

The night before, NCSO deputies responded to a home invasion where it was determined that an unknown male had broken into the residence and fled with a stolen shotgun, per Fox News.

The man, who was later found to be Richard, then proceeded to burglarize another home in the area the next night at approximately 9:30 p.m. The thief, however, wasn’t as lucky as the night before.

“Last night on December 15 at approximately 9:30 p.m., NCSO deputies responded to the 6000 block of Kellogg Road at Pahrump for a report of a shooting. Investigation revealed that Shawn Richard, 48 of Pahrump, unlawfully entered the residence.” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The homeowner was in bed and heard Richard in the kitchen.”


“[The homeowner] armed himself with a handgun. Richard then kicked the bedroom door open and the homeowner fired at Richard striking him twice in the chest.” the deputies explained, adding that Richard “fell where he was shot.”

When deputies arrived on the scene, it was found that Richard was in possession of the stolen shotgun from the night before and the suspect was quickly rushed to the local University Medical Center via helicopter. Richard remains in critical condition.

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“Investigation revealed that Richard is a probation absconder and was wanted at the time of the shooting.” the investigators found. “If Richard survives he will be charged with home invasion, grand larceny of a firearm, burglary, forbidden possession of a firearm.”

While the burglar will face a litany of charges if he survives the shooting, the homeowner will not be charged given that it was found to be a lawful shooting given that the state of Nevada follows the Castle Doctrine which allows homeowners to use deadly force to defend their property.

The homeowner was luckily able to defend himself by using his Second Amendment right to bear arms. Had the homeowner been unable to possess a firearm, he would likely have fallen victim to yet another robbery that was occurring across the county. He not only protected himself from a thief but also protected his fellow citizens thanks to his quick thinking and courage in the face of danger.

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