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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, erstwhile actress, stand up comic and present-day radical leftist threatened to leave Twitter upon the social media giant’s acquisition by pro-free-speech entrepreneur billionaire Elon Musk. And it appears she’s done it.

Unlike her previous statements that she would consider leaving the United States if Donald Trump won the Presidency, (hint: she didn’t leave) Goldberg seems to have made good on this one. According to Breitbart, Goldberg deleted her Twitter account after saying “the place is a mess.”

“It has been a little over a week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, and the place is a mess.”

“He’s putting his $8 charge for blue check verification on hold. First it was going to be $20, now it’s going to be $8. So. He also suspended Kathy Griffin for impersonating him on a parody account.”

Goldberg is hardly the only left-leaning celebrity to make the stunning and bold decision to leave the platform as soon as moderation threatened to not distinctly favor her political views.

A short and inexhaustive list from Breitbart tells of Model Gigi Hadid, who called the site a “cesspool of hate & bigotry,” along with Debra Messing, Mark Ruffalo, Tea Leoni, Shonda Rhimes, and even Alex Winter (bogus).

Goldberg cited the suspension of Kathy Griffin for a well-known anti-impersonation policy for ‘blue-check’ verified Twitter users that was in place long before his ownership of the company. While this may have played a role in her decision, it is far more likely a politically motivated move appealing to her audience on The View.

The exodus from Twitter is likely to continue in the short term, unless and until the left-leaning pop-culture and political figures come to grips with the fact that the social network still represents the largest public square in the history of humanity and that willfully consigning themselves to either a reverberating far-leftist echo chamber or simply walking away from the online world entirely.

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In other words: give it time… they’ll be back. They always come back.