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Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) took national prominence with his repeated nomination for Speaker of the House last week, but being thrust into the spotlight came with some unfortunate attention too. Donalds’ wife Erika revealed that the couple has endured a torrent of “racist attacks” and told their “haters” to “cry harder.”

The Donalds’ are an interracial couple and based on the screenshots shared by Erika this seems to be a major point of contention for the blatantly racist leftists who have harassed the Florida couple.

This suggests that the racist belief of anti-miscegenation or ‘racial purity’ is making a comeback among the political left.

Erika shared over half a dozen of the screenshots in a series of tweets Wednesday rebuking her attackers for maligning her and her marriage to the prominent black Republican legislator.


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Mrs. Donalds began by tweeting the preface, “Byron and I have been together for 23+ years, and the most racist attacks we experience are always from the left. They can’t accept that a free thinking black man achieves success on his own merits, and they sure as heck can’t stand that he’s married to me! Cry harder, haters.”

The responses Erika highlighted were both subtly and overtly racist. A few examples:

  • “I should have known your wife was White!”
  • “He still a prop But we see why he thinks he is who he think he is… you’re his wife… makes all the sense now…”
  • “Surprise surprise. His wife is… .. never mind”
  • “No surprise that he has a snowflake for a wife.”
  • “#ByronDonalds I’m embarrassed and ashamed. Seen his wife? Yep not surprised.”
  • “::Facepalm:: You would be his wife… totally checks out”
  • “It makes sense now”
  • “Dude married to a Karen. Starting to make sense.”
  • “I’m happy with and within myself-no need to be angry! My initial comment was directed at Byron, not his wife or white women in general. When Black men get successful, they run and snatch them up a white woman. Like they need one to complete them. I think its a disgrace.”

Such behavior has been studied by social scientists for years and noticed by prominent couples who have interracial marriages.

In a 2010 post titled “Commentary: Jill Scott Talks Interracial Dating,” Jill Scott noted she “felt a little wince” when her African-American friend told her he had married a white woman.

She went on to discuss the depredations of slavery on black women and concluded “these harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. That feeling is betrayed,” according to Jezebel.

This was supported by a 1991 study, which revealed that, “white women tended to cluster at the scale extreme(ly) favoring interracial marriage, whereas the black women tended to cluster at the other unfavorable extreme.”

It would seem that among some on the left, the ‘social justice‘, victimhood mentality has interbred with belief in a soft form of anti-miscegenation and racial purity. This combination is apparent in the toxic racist sludge that Erika and Rep. Byron Donalds found on Twitter Wednesday. Perhaps they aren’t ‘Anti-racist’ enough.

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