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Liberal Comedian Amy Schumer is not known for being funny. And yet, she is a comedian. In fact, she is one of the biggest comedians in the world.

That much is baffling. We assume even the Left cannot have that bad of taste. But time after time, the Left exceeds our wildest expectations when it comes to cringeiness. Republicans are the party of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Comedy is high art when it is executed well. Democrats lack an appreciation for true comedy — comedy that reflects the human condition.

Perhaps the only noteworthy thing about Schumer is the fact she is related to Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer. However, that is more a mark against her than one for her. One might say that makes her infamous. Chuck Schumer is one of the worst politicians in the country. On his bad days, he makes Crazy Nancy look sane! Take this video. Schumer seriously felt it was a good idea to do this rap skit. That tells you all you need to know about the Democrat Party:

That was bad. But apparently, bad takes run in the Schumer family. Earlier this year, after the Supreme Court of the United States overturned one of the worst decisions in the history of our great nation, Schumer sounded off in the only way she knows how — by way of unfunny emotional appeals.

Schumer claimed on her Instagram page that abortion rights should not be determined by a bunch of ‘slave-owning rapists’ who have been dead for about 200 years.

Despite being a simplistic take on our founding fathers, I think in 100 years, we may look back and say the same thing about women who wish to kill their babies, on the basis of an alleged ‘bodily autonomy’ right. And that presses the question: why should they hold the power of life and death over the most innocent group of people in our nation — the unborn?

For our body is not our own. We owe our being direct to our Creator. God does not merely grant us life — He continually sustains us in being. Indeed, He has graciously gifted mothers a unique human being to raise and to nurture. As such, the right to life is logically prior to the right to autonomy — that’s why we protect innocent life in every case and we restrict bodily autonomy on the daily.

The fact is, all laws — whether they be criminal, economic, etc —  restrict bodily autonomy. That is precisely why laws exist. Your body can take actions that are licit and it can take actions that are illicit. One set of actions is legally protected and the other set is not. Killing the unborn who happens to be geographically located in one’s body is never licit. Similarly, rape is always an illicit action, and rapists should be held accountable for their actions to the fullest extent of the law.

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We restrict the bodily autonomy of the rapist, and for good reason — such action is against both natural and positive law. But there is no such thing as a government-forced pregnancy or reproduction. Reproduction occurs at the moment of conception. What the State Governments can do is protect that reproduced lifeform from being killed. And yet, that’s besides the point. Either the act is consensual, or the rapist forces his will on the woman.

In the first case, abortion is clearly uncalled for. In the second case, two wrongs do not make a right. The baby is just as beautiful and unique no matter how it was conceived. If the baby is a unique and innocent human life — as science, philosophy, and Divine Revelation makes clear — it is never okay to kill it.

That’s the logical case for a full-fledged set of abortion restrictions. And yet, Roe says nothing about the moral quality of those restrictions. If the Left truly cared about the very rare cases of rape and life-threatening illness, they would use the newfound freedom given in a Post-Roe world to offer rape and mother’s health exceptions. But that’s not the end goal for the left. They are the party of death. And they won’t stop until their mission is accomplished.

Daily Wire Host Candace Owens agrees. And she sounded off on Amy Schumer’s comments in the most savage way possible.  As the Daily Wire reports, here is what she said:

“If there’s a picket sign anywhere, Amy Schumer picks it up – she just is like ‘I have to be outside screaming about something… Roe V. Wade gets overturned and hyper-privileged liberals want black people to protest on their behalf? Again? No. Not this time… She’s using this because she’s being whiny and she’s being bratty, and she thinks it’s acceptable to harness black pain to get what she wants”

We cannot agree more. Candace knows the Democrat playbook. She is not buying it. And increasingly, more and more Americans are following after her.