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A new analysis released Thursday has found that automotive thefts and carjackings have increased drastically in at least 30 of America’s largest cities since the beginning of the COVID panic.

Data from The Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ) cited by the BBC found that the rate of vehicle theft doubled in eight of the cities and that the average increase from 2019 to 2022 was a staggering 59%.

The UK outlet reported that overall auto theft had been on the decline across the country for over a decade but rapidly increased as the nation locked down.

The report is calling for immediate intervention by law enforcement to attempt to stem the tide.

According to the CCJ report, “Data from Chicago suggest
that most carjackers in that city are young adults, based on victims’ perceptions, although the share of carjackings by juveniles more than doubled, from 18% to 41%, between 2016 and 2021″

While the car theft rate jumped up by about 54% from 2020-2022, the carjacking rate also climbed by 24%, outstripping other forms of robbery that remained consistent across seven sample cities.

Surprisingly only approximately 40% of carjackers are armed with a firearm, the report also revealed that carjackings are most likely to happen near the home and men are just as likely as women to be victims.


According to independent journalist Killmoenetwork, citing a Washington DC Metropolitan Police memo, our nation’s capital is seeing up to eight carjackings per day.

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Travis Cummings of KSDK-TV tweeted a dramatic video of a South St. Louis pursuit that ended in a crash. He wrote, “Officials say the three people inside the vehicle are the “possible” suspects in recent South #STL carjackings”

The CCJ Report’s authors asked a few key questions in their work that need answering as observed by the BBC: “Why did motor vehicle thefts continue to increase even after people began to return to work? And why did vehicle thefts begin to rise in 2022, well after the conditions of everyday life had returned to something like normal?”

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