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A 56-year-old Chicago man shot and wounded three would-be robbers who attacked him in his car early Monday morning in the Lawndale area of Chicago.

The man was sitting inside his vehicle at approximately 6 A.M. Monday near the 4700 block of West Arthington Avenue when he was approached by another vehicle with three teenagers pulling up alongside him according to FOX 32 WFLD citing the Chicago Police Department.

Authorities told WFLD that one of the teenage assailants exited the vehicle and approached the driver pointing a gun at him and demanding that he hand over his belongings.

The two struggled until the would-be robbery victim, who is also a FOID and concealed carry license holder drew his sidearm and opened fire on his attackers, the local outlet reported.

When the man fired on the three teenagers aged 15-18 according to police, the driver of the other vehicle attempted to flee and crashed after being shot in the head. A second teenager who was in the back seat of the car suffered a broken leg. Both were transported to an area hospital in critical and fair condition respectively.

The third would-be robber was found several blocks away suffering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder and was hospitalized in serious condition.

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Chicago Police have issued no press releases or statements pertaining to the attack or the CCL holder’s self-defense.

Rather recent tweets from the department have focused on the confiscation of “illegal firearms.” It is unknown if the driver who was attacked will face charges for the shootings.