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On Sunday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) joined CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper to discuss the negotiations that took place between himself and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) during the Speaker of the House election as well as what laid ahead for the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

“A little temporary conflict is necessary in this town in order to stop this town from rolling over the American people. I don’t think anybody, from either side of the aisle, could say with a straight face that they think that Washington is doing good work for the American people on a regular basis and isn’t broken. We have to work to fix this place.”

“Some of the tensions you saw on display when you saw the interaction between Mike Rogers and Matt Gaetz, we need a little of that,” the congressman said during the CNN interview. We need a little of this sort of breaking the glass in order to get us to the table and in order for us to fight for the American people and to change the way this place is dysfunctional.”

“This all started going back last summer,” Roy said about the start of negotiations. He then emphasized the various concessions obtained from McCarthy including being able to offer amendments, getting more open rules, putting House Freedom Caucus members on the Rules Committee, and overall dispersing power to rank-and-file members, as reported by Newsmax.

“Bills are cooked up with a handful of people, jammed through, put on the floor, and you have to vote yes or no. The American people are tired of that,” he said. “We need to see some of the stuff we saw…it’s a good thing to see the inner workings. This isn’t just a shirts-and-skins, red-and-blue, two-team thing. This is history because this hasn’t happened in the last hundred years. But understand why that’s so. Two-party entrenchment has made it so we don’t have a good back and forth to sit at the table and try to accomplish anything.”


Roy also explained that he wasn’t leading the negotiations to be put on a committee or gain a concession for himself, adding that he hasn’t been promised anything.

“Does that mean I’ll end up on the Rules Committee this year? Maybe, if that’s what my colleagues want. We still have to go through that practice,” Roy stated, however, adding that the Speaker did promise him “ideological diversity of representation” on the various House committees.

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“It’s not about petty personal desires. I don’t want to be on the Rules Committee,” the Texas congressman said. “I don’t want to leave my family on Sunday night and miss my kids to come up here. But I might do it if that’s what my colleagues decide.”

“When you push back on the swamp, the swamp is going to push right back,” Roy said in reference to the debt ceiling debate. “We saw that on display. That’s okay. Are we going to have this kind of conflict going forward? I hope so…Let’s figure out how we are actually going to fix this because the American people are sick of us not doing our job.”

Congressman Roy is adamant about changing the dysfunctional House of Representatives into a body that works for each member and allows each member a say in the legislative process. The Texan was able to lead the 20 GOP opposition into a deal that will fundamentally change the way the House functions and with him leading the charge into the 118th Congress, Americans can be assured that even more debate and changes will be coming.

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