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As the chaos on the House floor continued into the third vote on Tuesday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) nominated Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for the Speakership for a third time. As 19 Republicans revolt against McCarthy in hopes of getting recessions, they have begun to rally behind Jordan who is seen as a more conservative option for the Republican leadership. Roy is one of those members leading the fight. During his nomination speech, Roy emphasized the need to change the status quo and stand up for America.

“So this is what the chamber looks like when we are actually debating and the bodies are in the chairs,” Roy began in reference to the over 430 members in the House chamber. “How many times have we been down here giving speeches and there isn’t a soul in the chamber? Yet this is what it takes to get 435 people in the chamber and have an actual debate.”

“The American people are watching and that’s a good thing. What we’re doing is exercising our rights to vote and have a debate and have a discussion about the future of this country through the decision of choosing s Speaker. This is not personal,” he emphasized. “This is about the future of the country. It is about the direction of the country.”

“The American people look at this body and wonder why we can pass $1.7 trillion bills that are unpaid for,” he said in reference to the omnibus bill passed last month. “That we can just slide in $45 billion for Ukraine but not pay for it. $40 billion in emergency spending, and not paying for it. 10 percent increase in defense spending, and six percent spending in non-defense spending and not paying for it. And not do a thing except put language in a bill that prohibits our ability to use the money to secure the border.”

“That bill gets rammed through and we know exactly how it gets rammed through because the defense world and the non-defense world come together and say ‘you know what, we are going to cut a deal and we’re going to go to the mics, and give speeches.'” the representative explained. “The American people are the big losers. That’s what happens. We know that’s what happens. The Rules Committee sits up there and passes a bill, sends it to the floor, and we have no debate on the floor of this body. We haven’t been able to offer an amendment on the floor of this body since May of 2016.”

Rep. Roy then moved on from the recent instances in which the beltway undermined the American people and focused more on broader trends that lead to the Washington elite going against the best interest of the people:

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“But the fact is, this place has to change. It has to change. And the change comes from either adopting rules and procedures that will actually make us do our jobs or it comes from leadership. People ask what I want. I want the tools or I want the leadership to stop the swamp from running over the average American every single day. We can’t keep doing this. I’m going to sit here until we figure out how to stop spending money we don’t have. I don’t want any more promises.”

“I want to know that we will be able to exercise our rights as members of this body to stand up for the American people and actually fix this country. And it’s not going to happen when we use our men and women in uniform and defense and wrap ourselves that and then spend more money that we don’t have,” he said with some applause from colleagues. “Weakening that defense and weakening our own country in the process. But that’s what we just did. Ladies and gentlemen, I am asking for us to come together and figure out how to solve these problems.”

“I am going to nominate Jim Jordan for Speaker,” Roy said in conclusion, adding that he respects both Jordan, who doesn’t want the Speakership, and McCarthy. The Texan, however, did emphasize that he has yet to be given the tools or the leadership to “stop the swamp from rolling over the American people.”

As the third vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy is underway, Roy’s fiery speech on the House floor may have some sway on Republicans willing to vote for Rep. Jordan as the future of the Republican leadership lies in the balance.

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