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The American people desperately desire wholesome entertainment. The last thing they want out of a film or television series is to be lectured about how they aren’t “woke” enough.

Indeed, virtue signaling of all kinds is not definitive of the American people — not in the slightest. The American people have no need to signal their virtue because they understand there is more to life than renown and human report. Life is meaningful precisely because it is grounded in a reality far greater than ourselves.

That’s why Americans are going to the theatres to see the series “The Chosen” in droves. “The Chosen”, which details the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, is packing theatres during its limited theatrical run.

As the Christian Broadcasting Network reports:


“Faith-based film fans are proving once again that there is a growing move to see more wholesome, family content on the big screens. This weekend, ‘The Chosen Season 3’ premiered in the third spot at the box office beating out DC Comics, Universal, and Disney…

The Chosen Season 3 will end up doubling the box office revenue from last year’s opening weekend with The Chosen Christmas special, and that was the #1 most successful Fathom Event in history.”

The success of “The Chosen” is no surprise. By and large, Americans love their country and the values which ground her in the great tradition. John Adams once stated the Constitution was only made for a “moral and religious” people — something large swaths of America still appreciate.

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Truly, America was not designed to be a secular garbage heap, passing between cultural fads at every passing second. America was fashioned to live not by bread alone but by the eternal truths of the Divine Creator, whose will and nature ground all human strivings.

America’s moral character is not incidental; it is part of her very essence. An America that abandons her historic credo in favor of woke ideology is not the America our Founders envisioned. While secular commentators and leftists of all stripes might be perplexed at the success of “The Chosen,” we the people know there is still room for Christianity in our public life.