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CNN confirmed plans to relocate its Los Angeles Bureau located in Hollywood in an announcement from CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht at an employee Townhall Tuesday.

The townhall was held following the announcement of widespread layoffs by the Cable News Network and reported by Puck, which referred to the layoffs and cost-cutting measures at CNN as “The CNN Green Room Massacre,” a CNN spokesman later confirmed the move according to Deadline. Licht called the layoffs, a “gut punch,” according to The Wrap.

Writing for Breitbart, John Nolte summarized,

“Well, this is what happens when you spend seven years whoring out your credibility to please a gnome named Jeff Zucker. Let me see if I can make sense of what happened…”

He then laid out a litany of CNN’s scandals from the Russian Collusion hoax in 2016 up to framing Trump supporters for the alleged assault of Paul Pelosi.

He concluded, “…and then you find yourself commuting to a generic office park in Burbank.”

The CNN Hollywood building, a 14-story building, which features the CNN logo and a live news ticker, and was long regarded as an iconic part of the skyline, has played home to numerous programs throughout the history of CNN including the West Coast studio of Larry King Live one of the programs that built the once prestigious network.

Deadline reported that the move is a cost-saving measure taken as the network trims back budgets to combat a $50 billion debt that Warner Bros Discovery is straining beneath the weight of.

TV Insider highlighted the storied history of the building and the many years of Larry King Live that saw the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando. Other famous figures such as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Jerry Seinfeld, then future-President Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among others graced its halls.

Like the many insiders now searching for a new job, the LA Bureau of the Cable News Network is just the latest casualty as the network struggles to survive its collapse.

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