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Conservative Podcaster Tim Pool — host of the ‘TimCast” podcast — released a new song Friday titled “Genocide (Losing My Mind)” — a collaboration with Former “Offspring” Drummer Pete Parada. The song, ironically dedicated to the liberal media, quickly shot up to the number one spot on iTunes, as Americans all across the country reject the infectious ideology that is Wokeness.

Pool released a tongue-in-cheek presser detailing the purpose of the song:

Podcaster Tim Pool and Trash House Records today released their newest single ‘Genocide (Losing ‘My Mind).’ The music video — which was also released today — pays tribute to the brave journalistic practices of a number of honorable reporters including Taylor Lorenz, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.”

These are some of the “saints” of the liberal media. Cuomo’s beatification may have been rescinded, but Lemon and Washington Post Reporter Taylor Lorenz (infamous for her attempts to dox  the popular Twitter account “Libs Of TikTok”) are certainly still mainstream news sources for leftists all across our country.


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Pool then describes the great ills the liberal media has brought on society, in an obviously ironic tone:

“Journalists today provide an invaluable service to humanity and protect Democracy from fascists and anti-vaxxers… Our goal was to highlight just how important the national media is in rallying support for foreign intervention and safety lockdowns. If it wasn’t for these great heroes of national media, we would have never liberated Iraq and Afghanistan and untold millions could have died without support for strict lockdowns.”

“Libya today is a shining example of the great work our national media does to ensure peace and prosperity around the world,” Pool said

Pool is obviously poking fun at the interventionist streak of journalism — something that has only hurt Americans.

Pool then remarked, “If the fascists had their way, people would have visited their loved ones as they were dying in hospitals, making the pandemic much, much worse.”

Pool expertly trolled the left, and we love to see it! More and more Americans are rejecting the politics of the Democrat Party. And that effects everything — to the shows they watch to the music they listen to.

Here is the music video: