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U.S. service members who were punished for not taking the coronavirus vaccine are now being forced to pay back their bonuses to the military following their discharge leading to some servicemen having to pay thousands of dollars.

Despite the fact that the Department of Defense ended the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the armed forces earlier this month, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer, servicemembers are still being affected.

“I’ve deployed multiple times, and I feel like the last thing I had was selling leave days that I earned and was never able to take due to me being deployed or needing that time to prepare for the training cycle,” a servicemember told Fox News. “I was about to enter a new world with no income, and that extra bit would have been a nice buffer in my rainy day fund to keep me afloat until I was able to find new employment.”

“The Department of Defense continues to fall short on reestablishing trust for wrongdoings, and this is yet another example of that,” another member of the armed forces told Fox, adding that the repaying of the signing bonus is “icing on the cake.”


“The appalling treatment these individuals endured broke the trust that is owed to our citizens and our volunteers. America’s sons and daughters,” the soldier said in a statement to Fox. “Until true efforts are made to establish trust, the recruiting and retention shortfalls will only continue. The individuals who make public statements that they are unsure what has contributed to the current recruiting and retention shortfalls need to take a look in the mirror; and perhaps they should resign for the betterment of our Nation.”

To stop this mistreatment of servicemembers, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) introduced the Service Reinstatement Act on Friday to reinstate all past servicemembers who were punished for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine as well as halt any further discharges of current servicemembers for refusing the shot.

“Thanks to the hard work of many of my Republican colleagues, the Biden administration’s disastrous COVID-19 vaccine mandate was finally ended. But there is more work to be done,” Roy told Breitbart. “Republicans must fight to permanently end these mandates and make whole all the service members harmed by President Biden’s senseless policies. I’ve introduced the Service Restoration Act to do just that.”

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The roughly 8,400 servicemembers who were punished for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine have received another “kick in the face” and the Pentagon’s refusal to offer back pay or reinstatement to these patriots shows the upper leadership’s disdain for the average servicemember. It seems that the only way to fix the misguided military bureaucracy is through Republicans taking congressional action to hold Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin accountable.

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