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Oberlin College has paid out a $36 million judgment against it at long last after the progressive left-leaning school targeted a local, family-owned 137-year-old bakery with accusations of racism and terminated catering contracts with them in 2017.

Oberlin was found by the Ohio Supreme Court to have defamed the bakery when a college staffer distributed flyers claiming the bakery had a history of racial profiling following a 2017 incident with three black students caught stealing from the store and assaulting an employee. This kicked off a series of Black Lives Matter protests at the bakery.

The 2019 ruling was appealed and only now that the appeal was denied is the payment coming according to The New York Post.

Three students: Jonathan Aladin, Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone, stole from the bakery in Nov. 2016 and assaulted Allyn Gibson the son of owner David Gibson. Then it all went sideways: the three black students claimed that Allyn racially profiled them and assaulted them.

During the protests that followed, the Oberlin College Dean of Students, Meredith Raimondo, drew up a flyer, claiming Gibson’s had a history of racial profiling, the Chronicle-Telegram reported. Raimondo’s flyer urged a boycott of the bakery.

The three students pleaded guilty to the attempted theft in 2017 and even exonerated the family on the stand according to The Post, but the damage was already done. And the impact on the family and the business was devastating.

Regrettably, as The Daily Wire reported, Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson confirmed with the bakery’s lawyers that the family has finally received its share of the more than $36 million it was awarded, but owners David Gibson and “Grandpa” Allyn Gibson, Sr. died before the money came.

The money has been transferred into an account and lawyers are working to disperse funds the Gibson’s attorneys told The Daily Wire, and not a moment too soon. The bakery’s situation was becoming grim with empty shelves and reductions in staff. Lorna Gibson, wife of the late David Gibson told Daily Wire reporters that she has no plans to shut down or move the store.

“This store has been here for over 137 years and is a stable part of this community,” Lorna said. “My husband gave his life for this store and I’m not about to let it go down.”

Even after the ruling in the Gibsons’ favor according to Daily Wire, the hostility toward the bakery and the family from Oberlin students hasn’t ceased.

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“The continuing conduct of which the Gibsons have become aware and which has brought the Gibsons to their knees include the following: Oberlin College’s authorized new student tour guides are still being heard to say don’t shop at Gibsons Bakery when the tours pass in front of the store; neither the College, its administrators, nor its professors have resumed any ordering of the Gibson’s products for College events; and notices still denigrating the Gibsons are posted in College buildings for students and their families to see,” the Gibsons wrote in a motion before Oberlin was forced to pay the damages it owed the family.

“If I got the money from the college, I wouldn’t buy a house, or go on vacation, or leave Ohio,” Lorna said in 2019.

“I would replace the compressors for the refrigerators and replace the fryers and proofers that we use for our dough. I would pay off the mortgages on my properties that I’ve taken out in the past few years. I’d hire back employees and ramp up production.”

Her lawyer, Owen Rarric, told The Post, “As the truth prevailed and the Gibsons were vindicated, they can now rebuild their 137-year-old family business and continue to serve their cherished community.”