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Former Virginia Tech soccer player Kirstein Hening may finally see some form of justice after a radical leftist coach benched her for refusing to kneel for the national anthem. Later she, unfortunately, felt so uncomfortable on the team she eventually chose to leave.

Hening filed a lawsuit against Virginia Tech’s former coach Charles Adair for discriminating against her due to her political views. During the social justice riots of 2020, when the Black Lives Matter issue swept the country, Adair became overtly political. This is when Hening claims problems arose.

The former midfielder/defender was a member of the Virginia Tech soccer team from 2018 to 2020, starting in 19 games her freshman year and playing 18 games her sophomore year at the school, according to the New York Post.

After the issues arose with her coach, Hening was benched and verbally harassed by the former coach, who called her “selfish and individualistic” for not kneeling during the “unity statement” that Hening sincerely disagreed with.

Due to these ongoing issues with her coach, Hening ultimately decided she had no other choice but to leave the team. Therefore, Hening chose to sue the former coach. 

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Earlier this week, some progress towards protecting athletes’ first amendment rights was made when a judge approved the lawsuit against Adair, according to Breitbart. 

“U.S. District Judge Thomas T. Cullen gave former Hokies midfielder Kiersten Hening the OK to sue coach Charles Aidair on First Amendment grounds after Hening says the coach benched her for refusing to join in with the team’s kneeling in 2020 as a “unity statement,” Breitbart reported. 

Hopefully, Hening’s lawsuit will become a catalyst for change in the athletic community. It takes brave individuals to stand up for the First Amendment, especially against figures of authority who try to impede that right. 

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This lawsuit will move forward on first amendment grounds and will proceed to trial. Hopefully, Hening’s story will inspire more to stand up for their first amendment rights, especially in the ever-growing, more woke sports arena. 

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