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On today’s Daily Enquiry, host Matt Holloway discusses the heartfelt pleas of Michigan State University students to carry firearms on campus for their self-defense following the tragic shooting that took place there Monday which left three dead and five injured; the viral photo of former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake sitting through the so-called “Black National Anthem,” played at the Super Bowl; a Democratic South Dakota Rep. suggesting that traditional families with a mother and father are “unamerican;” and a highway chemical spill in Arizona; as well as the White House declaring the three objects shot down by the USAF to be “benign.”

Matt Holloway is a writer for the DC Enquirer. He’s a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator, content creator, and writer in Arizona. He covers politics, faith, history, and news. Matt’s previous work has appeared in The Daily Caller, TheBlaze, The Western Journal & IJR. When he’s not writing, working, or spending time with his wife, four kids, and four dogs, Matt enjoys Camping, Reading, PC Gaming, Science Fiction, and YouTube.
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