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32-year-old Riverside County deputy Isaiah Cordero was murdered last month by a felon who was supposed to be given a life sentence but instead was released back onto the streets of California after posting bail.

The murderer, 44-year-old William Shae McKay, faced a kidnapping charge for imprisoning a woman for four days in March 2021. Prior to this crime, he had been convicted of two previous violent crimes.

The Democrat judge in charge of his case, San Bernardino County Superior Court trial judge Cara D. Hutson, acquitted McKay of the kidnapping charge and delayed his sentencing at the request of the defendant’s lawyers.

The judge then proceeded to drop the convict’s bail from $950,000 to $500,000 which he was able to post in March 2022 thus allowing him to roam the streets of the Golden State, according to Breitbart. McKay should have been convicted under California’s three strike law, however, the judge failed to convict him.

In October of last year, the criminal was arrested again but was able to post the $50,000 bond for his release despite his previous criminal history and the fact that he was already out on bail.

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Two months later, on December 29, deputy Cordero pulled over McKay and while approaching the vehicle was shot and killed. McKay was later chased and killed by law enforcement after a shootout.

Families, friends, and colleagues gathered on Friday to mourn the slain deputy. Cordero had just achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a motorcycle deputy in September of last year, however, the officer’s dreams were cut short, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“Judge Cara Hutson, my family is devastated,” Cordero’s mother directed at the judge who released the murderer, as reported by the LA Times. “My son was a good man. My family, Isaiah’s brothers and sisters, demand your resignation.”

“He should have been immediately sentenced to 25 years to life,” said Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco. “We would not be here today if the judge had done her job.”

Once again the justice system in California prioritizes the well-being of criminals over cops. This tragedy should be a warning to any judge or district attorney who dares to be lenient towards violent, career criminals. Such decisions could lead to devastating consequences.

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