DeSantis Makes Strong Statement To Floridian Employers, Tells Big Business to “Liberate Your Employees” 

Florida has been leading the nation in protecting individual liberty since 2020, and every step along the way Gov. DeSantis continues to be the catalyst. He never stops charging forward with measures to ensure each citizen of Florida is free. Not to mention his bravery has helped to promote individual liberty and medical freedom throughout the nation. Every time he pursues a policy to protect Floridians from tyranny, other Republican governors are forced to follow suit.

Now DeSantis is pushing back on employers in Florida who are still requiring employees to wear masks. In a press conference, at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, DeSantis had this to say, “Any of these big companies that are running these hotels or resorts, LIBERATE your employees from forced masking requirements.” 

This came at the same time as Walt Disney World, a large employer in Florida, lifted its guest mask mandate for “vaccinated individuals” in most places on the property. This is a small step in the right direction for Disney, but it doesn’t address mandates for employers or unvaccinated guests. One can only hope that over time they will grant their employees the basic medical freedom to decide what’s best for their own health and safety.

It should also be noted that similar policies are being implemented at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. According to their website, “Fully vaccinated guests will no longer be required to wear face coverings indoors or outdoors effective, Saturday, February 12. Guests who have not been vaccinated will be encouraged to wear face coverings while indoors.” This seems to indicate that across the board restrictions and mandates are finally lifting and that the mask obsession is becoming less popular over time. This is good news for anyone who finds wearing a mask in 100-degree Florida summer heat miserable!

America’s favorite governor took to Twitter on Sunday to say “Too many businesses, particularly corporate chains, force their employees to wear masks all day. 

This is unfair to the employees, who should have the same choices as everyone else. It’s past time for these workers to be liberated from corporate forced masking policies.” Well said governor, well said.

If companies want hard-working employees, they should afford them the basic liberty to decide for themselves if and when they should wear a mask. 

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