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Florida has taken steps to secure the future and well-being of its children. Gender reconstructive surgery on children is a sick procedure that any sensible state would ban. Unfortunately, Democrat ran states behave anything but sensibly. Florida is one of the more reasonable states in the union, and Ron DeSantis is perhaps the most reasonable of Governors. So he is taking action against these vile practices.

As a result, more and more Florida doctors are expressing their rage at Ron DeSantis’s move to disincentivize those who perform these deranged procedures.

As the Tampa Bay Times reports, more and more patients are going out of the state to receive “gender-affirming care” — improperly so-called.

“This is another example of politics interfering with the inviolability of the doctor-patient relationship… I expect to see additional situations in which patients are forced to seek care outside of our state,” one doctor writes.

Sidhbh Gallagher, a Miami plastic surgeon who specializes in gender-reassignment surgery, commented that:

“In recent months, it’s become tougher to find a hospital that will allow gender-reassignment surgery.


‘Patients are scared. They’re upset,” she said. “These are powerful bodies that are targeting them.'”

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As the Daily Wire reports, the measures that are “threatening” transgendered people are the following:

“Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, and the potential for long-term, irreversible effects, the Department’s guidelines are as follows: Social gender transition should not be a treatment option for children or adolescents. Anyone under 18 should not be prescribed puberty blockers or hormone therapy. Gender reassignment surgery should not be a treatment option for children or adolescents. … Children and adolescents should be provided social support by peers and family and seek counseling from a licensed provider,” the Florida Department of Health guidance reads.”

Up until five minutes ago, everyone would concur — those are reasonable restrictions. But in Biden’s America, reason is out the window. We have to stand against practices that run against natural and revealed law. We sympathize with those who have discord between their biological and their mental identities. But it is neither right nor just to push procedures on young children that permanently alter the character of the former just to assuage the latter.