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A Texas-based Catholic Bishop took to Twitter to admonish former Secretary of State and two-time Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas,  tweeted.“Please, please don’t listen to this evil woman. Her lies and immorality need to be silenced for the good of humanity.”

Strickland was responding to Clinton’s comments at the Women’s Voice Summit she headlined at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas earlier that day according to The Daily Wire. Clinton bafflingly compared American pro-life laws and policies with the Sharia-law-based policies of Sudan and Afghanistan. She even conflated the regulation of abortion with the horror of war rape.

“We have come a long way on so many fronts but we are also in a period of time where there is a lot of pushback and much of the progress that has been taken for granted by too many people is under attack: literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine — where rape is a tactic of war — or under attack by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s healthcare and bodily autonomy,” Clinton said.

“It’s so shocking to think that in any way we’re related to poor Afghanistan and Sudan, but as an advanced economy as we allegedly are, on this measure, we, unfortunately, are rightly put with them.”

“This struggle is between autocracy and democracy from our country to places we can’t even believe we’re being compared to,” she added according to The Daily Wire.

Clinton claimed to PBS’s Christiane Amanpour during Amanpour and Company Thursday,”[When] women have a chance to vote on these draconian abortion restrictions, they do not accept them. They overturn them. They certainly want to limit the reach of the government into the most intimate, private parts of our life.”

Clinton may have missed the Gallup polling that showed decisively: 33% of all women, while not a majority, still a sizable plurality, support pro-life positions.  A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll showed even more clarity within many nuanced views. Yet the poll still held that sixty-two percent of Republican women said they’re more supportive of “laws that criminalize abortion or make laws stricter.”

She added, “we’ll see what happens in states like Arkansas and so many others when we face real world problems. As we have seen already where women with miscarriages go in for medical care and are turned away. When maybe, God forbid, a woman dies because that health care is denied her.”

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