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Earl Jackson, a Republican candidate for a District Court in Dallas, Texas has some unexpected help — a former transsexual turned pro-family activist named Kevin Whitt.

According to The National Pulse, Whitt, who had himself lived a transsexual life, at times as a prostitute, a phone sex operator, a dominatrix and a webcam “model,” embraced Christianity and left that life of 22 years behind him. Whitt is now telling anyone who will listen that, “That lifestyle is not for anybody and certainly not for children.”

The District Court Jackson is running for is at the center of a high-profile case of ‘gender affirming’ procedures being performed on a child. In the controversial case, James Younger, 9, has been put through ‘gender affirming’ procedures dating back to when he was a toddler – at his mother’s and pediatrician’s insistence. The boy’s father, Jeff Younger has attempted to fight it and was overruled by Judge Mary Brown, the incumbent District Judge.

The National Pulse wrote, “Despite these objections, the court’s appointed therapist, his public school, and the Judge Brown have forged ahead with allowing the social transition of James Younger. Judge Brown recently ruled that the mother, Anne Georgulas, can even relocate to California with her children, and that the father may not know where Georgulas resides with the boys.”


The case made national headlines and inspired wide condemnation for Judge Brown for her heavy-handed ruling. Mr. Younger has widely been held up as an example of a father being victimized by the court. Brown ordered supervised visits for Younger and his children and placed a gag order on him, forbidding him from speaking with the press.

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Younger declined his visits fearing they were a trap, given that he believed his refusal to use feminine pronouns or call his son by a female name would be considered “child abuse” by the court appointed supervisors, therapists, and Judge Brown. Brown responded by telling Younger, if he didn’t visit the children she would restrict his access to them even further.

What followed has been an unorthodox election with a slew of Write-In’s angling to replace Judge Brown, who failed to even gain the Democratic nomination. She finds herself running against two other write-in candidates and is now under an ethics complaint alleging that Georgulas’ lawyers are “Platinum Donors” to her campaign.

“When it comes to voting for judges, we need people of integrity, not people who are corrupt, unethical cheaters who facilitate the transitioning of minors with heavy-handed legal tactics that deny a parent their natural right to protect their child from unnecessary and harmful procedures,” said Kevin Whitt.

Whitt is campaigning for Jackson, organizing greeters, door knockers and making calls for Earl Jackson’s campaign.

“I am hopeful that people will take the time to write in Jackson and take down Brown when they go in the voting booth. The situation with Jeff Younger and his boys is not unique, and not a one-off. We need to clean up the family courts and get judges in that respect families and parental rights,” he said according to National Pulse.