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On Sunday, Secret Santa gave $10,000 to a mother and son in need following an ATV accident that led to the son, Parley, having brain injuries and multiple fractures.

“We are about to surprise a woman named Kim. Kim is one of the kindest people you will ever meet,” explained the East Idaho news anchor to start the video. “A few years ago she moved with her youngest son, Parley, to Idaho Falls to be near family.”

“Well earlier this year in October, Parley had a serious ATV accident,” he explained. “In fact, it resulted in traumatic head and brain injuries and multiple fractures and burns. He spent five weeks at the hospital and Kim never left his side. Her mantra that she adopted was ‘be patient, work hard, expect miracles.'”

“And miracles definitely have been seen. Parley was able to go home last month and he has many doctor and therapy appointments ahead of them,” he continued, adding that “Secret Santa wants to help this family out.”

A local Secret Santa wanted to help the family out so they gifted them a $10,000 check, $2,000 in gas cards, and $3,000 in grocery gift cards to aid Kim and Parley in their journey to recovery, per Breitbart.


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The news anchor surprised the family after Parley returned from a physical therapy appointment. When Kim opened the door, she recognized the news anchor and was overjoyed when she received the gifts that will help her family tremendously.

“Oh my word, thank you so much,” she said as she opened the box containing the gas and grocery gift cards. The box containing the check was then given the Parley when he exclaimed, “Wow, that’s a lot of money,” to the $10,000 surprise.

“Secret Santa, thank you so much. We think you are amazing,” Kim said with her son’s arm around her.

It’s good to know that there are still people out there willing to show some kindness this holiday season. Hopefully, Kim and Parley can get back on their feet with such a generous gift.

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