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NASCAR fans all over Twitter pounced on Saturday after the sports racing league tweeted “Happy Holidays” instead of the more customary “Merry Christmas.”

NASCAR fans are as conservative as they come. According to a 2020 Morning Consult poll, 45 percent of NASCAR fans self-identify as Republicans. Only 28 percent of their fans are Democrats, while 27 percent are independents of some variety. Meanwhile, the woke National Basketball Association is only 26 percent Republican. Major League Baseball and the National Football League do not fare much better — only 32 and 31 percent of their fanbases, respectively, identify as Republicans. Resultantly, when it comes to conservative sports fans, NASCAR is the gold standard.

That’s why it was no surprise that when NASCAR tweeted out “Happy Holidays,” America First patriots took time to tell the league how they felt:


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One user tweeted, “LMBO…inclusive to all, but leave the reason for the season out? Merry CHRISTmas!”


Another user replied, “I think what you meant to say was ‘Merry CHRISTmas’!!!”

Meanwhile, another user replied, “Merry Christmas to all my NASCAR Libs who manage this account.”

Other users pointed out the same — arguing NASCAR’s tweet shows a lack of bravery:

All in all, fans generally responded with astonishment. And why would they not be astonished? While NASCAR has every right to tweet “happy holidays,” Christmas is a settled and fixed tradition in American public life. It is genuinely iconoclastic to tweet “happy holidays” instead of the more conservative “Merry Christmas.”

This is not, in fact, a conservative variation of “cancel culture,”- which is cancelation on the basis of expressing common sense ideas. This is much more than that — it is instead a defense of the American common good. Our customs and heritage are part and parcel of what it means to be an American. While customs fluctuate, there will always be a core America ethos that must remain.

While America First patriots respect the freedoms of all Americans to associate with their specific religions and social traditions, we recognize America as established is a traditional nation and to remove her traditions is, in some sense, to change America herself.