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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on Monday halted the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for federal contractors in yet another blow to the mandate-happy Biden Administration.

The Biden Administration has attempted to install sweeping mandates across the public and private sectors by utilizing federal regulation to force people to take the Coronavirus vaccine. 

The most recent mandate now blocked by the courts would have required federal contractors to be vaccinated: “This case concerns another mandate that would, with limited exceptions, require the government to include in its contracts a clause that would require federal contractors to ensure that their entire workforce is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

President Biden issued the mandate via executive order in September 2021 where the administration argued that the order would promote “economy and efficiency in Federal procurement by ensuring that the parties that contract with the Federal Government provide adequate COVID-19 safeguards to their workers performing on or in connection with a Federal Government contract.”

While the White House has continued to fail to respect the health decisions of everyday Americans, the courts have been able to protect Americans’ rights by halting such actions, per Townhall.


“We do not, and cannot, rule on the efficacy of any vaccine, the wisdom of the President’s action, or even whether or not this action would, in fact, increase economy and efficiency in federal contracting,” the Fifth Circuit wrote in their conclusion. “Today, we are asked, where Congress has not authorized the issuance of this mandate, whether the President may nonetheless exercise this power. We hold that he may not. Accordingly, we AFFIRM the district court’s grant of an injunction.”

In response to the victory, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who filed the lawsuit against the federal government, stated that it was a “victory for freedom. We will continue to stand up against the Biden Administration’s abuses of power that threaten us now and in the future.”

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This isn’t the first time that the courts have stopped President Biden in his tracts. Earlier this year, a federal judge in Florida ended the mask mandate on airplanes given that it was deemed unconstitutional to use federal regulations to enforce such a mandate.

Additionally, President Biden’s attempts to use OSHA regulations to enforce vaccine requirements for businesses with over a hundred employees were also shot down by the Supreme Court.

It seems like the federal courts are putting a final nail in the coffin of government vaccine requirements. Hopefully, this will be the end of such draconian measures and serve as a lesson to future lawmakers who attempt to enforce mandates on an unwanting citizenry.

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