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Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel is in trouble after it was announced that the Florida GOP is set to have a vote of no-confidence on the three-term chair next month.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) announced the vote via Twitter and is leading the effort within the Florida GOP to oust McDaniel from her seat.

“Today I sent a letter with 30 signees to the Chairman of the [Florida GOP] calling for a special meeting of the RPOF in order to vote on whether Ronna McDaniel should be terminated as RNC Chair,” the congressman tweeted. “As goes Florida, so goes the Nation. Meeting will be held 2 weeks before the RNC vote.”

“It’s time for the Nation to hear from the Free State of Florida on who should lead the GOP,” he explained, adding that he thought Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman, would be the best fit for the job.

Sabatini included a petition, with 30 signatures of prominent Florida Republicans, that laid out why McDaniel should not be reelected. “Ronna McDaniel failed in her position as RNC Chair in the 2022 election cycle and has yielded extremely unimpressive election results for the GOP in the last 3 election cycles.”

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“Furthermore, the eyes of the Nation are on Florida as a leading conservative state whose grassroots electorate determines the future of the GOP,” the petition added.


While many within the Florida GOP have spoken out against McDaniel, the chairman of the state’s party apparatus is still supporting her.

“Whatever we’ve asked for, she has given us,” Florida Republican Chairman Joe Gruters said, according to Sky News. “Some of the people throwing the stones at Ronna have been the biggest failures in their own states. There should be some self-reflection by these people.”

With the record-breaking performance in Florida by the Republican Party in the midterm elections, the upcoming vote of no-confidence in the RNC chair would be a deadly blow to her candidacy for a fourth term in the position.

Republicans were expecting to win big on election night 2022, however, their hopes were dashed with an abysmal showing nationwide, except for Florida. The Florida GOP was able to pick up four congressional seats which were just enough to give Republicans the speakership with 222 members.

Florida saved Republicans in the midterms and salvaged what Ronna McDaniel failed to materialize. She should be held to account for her inability to turn GOP momentum into electoral results.

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