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Speaker Paul Renner of the Florida House of Representatives announced a proposal for HB 543, titled the “Concealed Carry of Weapons and Firearms Without a License,” on Monday. Under the proposed law, as reported by Timcast News, Floridians would still need to apply for a license in order to achieve reciprocity in other states.

According to Florida’s Voice News, Renner told the gathered media,

“Floridians shouldn’t need a government permission slip to exercise their constitutional rights,” Renner said. “House Bill 543 will ensure Florida will remain a beacon of freedom. Florida was the pioneer in the modern carry movement in America and this historic legislation continues our proud tradition.”

“We are removing the government’s permission slip,” he declared.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told reporters, “It’s about time. Florida is taking this huge step and what we’re doing is checking off the box again and showing that Florida is the freedom state, and showing that citizens have the right to protect themselves,” according to Florida’s Voice News.

Ivey added, “This bill gives our citizens the ability to exercise their second amendment, to protect themselves, their family, those around them in church, those around them at the movie theater, or anywhere they may become the victim of a violent attack.”


Former Florida legislator and Lake County GOP Chair Anthony Sabatini has objected via Twitter to the new law on the grounds that while it does allow for permitless concealed carry, it does NOT allow for the open carrying of firearms. Thus the new law doesn’t meet the standard of Constitutional Carry that is found in 25 other states.

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Many commenters voiced support for Sabatini, while others were encouraged by the incremental step toward constitutional carry that the Florida legislature is working toward.

Speaker Renner continued to allude to additional legislation to come that would, “not only to go after gun crime, people that are stealing guns out of cars, as the Sheriff mentioned, and using them in gang violence, but also to continue to expand the rights for law abiding citizens,” according to Timcast.

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