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Football legend and Republican Senate Candidate from Georgia Herschel Walker has been in the news a lot lately. And he is using this increased media scrutiny as a means to take a stand against the radical left.

Much of this uptick in attention surrounds an abortion the Daily Beast alleges he helped procure in 2009. The news outlet published a hit piece earlier this month to that effect — insinuating the publicly pro-life Walker is privately pro-choice.

To these rumors, Walker has had a consistent reply: these are bald-faced lies from the radical left. As he said on Twitter:

This is a flat-out lie – and I deny this in the strongest possible terms. This is another repugnant hatchet job from a democrat activist disguised as a reporter who has obsessively attacked my family and tried to tear me down since this race started.  He’s harassed friends of mine, asking if I fathered their children. He’s called my children ‘secret’ because I didn’t want to use them as campaign props.” Walker replied.

“Now, they’re using an anonymous source to further slander me. They will do anything to hold onto power. It’s disgusting, gutter politics.” Walker added.

While one might expect the hit piece, whether rightly or wrongly, to sink his candidacy, the DC Enquirer reports America First patriots have rallied around the football legend — giving him an overall uptick in campaign fundraising.

Walker himself says he will keep fighting, and this “October Suprise” will not sink him.


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“I never heard of whatever they call ‘October surprises,’ but whatever they’re doing now, as I always say, I move forward,” Walker tells Breitbart. “And I’m not just joking about it… I’m totally confused because no one’s gonna really write the true story and want to hear what the true story is. So that’s the reason I’m saying I’m moving forward, because I’m representing the people of Georgia, and the Georgia voters are looking for someone that’s gonna go to Washington and do the right thing by them.”

These comments are exactly right. Georgia voters are looking for a fighter — not a “pro-choice pastor” like radical leftist incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock. Georgia deserves someone who will stand up for their American values. That person is Herschel Walker, for Donald Trump would never endorse anyone who did not have a fighting spirit.