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During a Monday appearance on Russell Brand’s Podcast, Hollywood icon Tim Robbins slammed the radical left for their lockdown policies during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We went into lockdown — with healthy people and children — and that did not seem to be wise to me,” Robbins began. “And so I am not a scientist. I am not a doctor. I don’t know the intricacies of data on this. All I can respond to is as someone who is concerned about what the results of that doctrine and policy had on us as human beings.”

Robbins added, “And it is not good. We turned into tribal, angry, vengeful people. And I do not think that is something that is sustainable for the earth, that we start demonizing people who don’t agree with our particular health policies, and we turn them into monsters. We turn them into pariahs. Say that they do not deserve a hospital bed!”

Robbins then laid out his case against such a line of thinking:

“I think about people that have made bad mistakes in their lives, where they take too many drugs and they overdose. And that is totally their choice, that’s totally their responsibility,” Robbins remarked. “Yet we take care of them, yet we bring them to the hospital, yet we save their lives. Because we are compassionate. Because we want to make sure people live.”


This is not the first time Robbins has spoken out on Covid-19. Earlier this year, he slammed the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) for still having Covid-19 vaccination mandates.

Hey @sagaftra and @ActorsEquity: Way past time to end your discriminatory policies. NY Supreme Court just ruled that all unvaccinated NYC employees are “reinstated to their full employment” and are “entitled to back pay in salary from the date of termination,” Robbins tweeted.

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Robbins is taking a courageous stand for liberty. As Americans, indeed, as human beings, we all have a sacred duty to obey the precepts of conscience. To force employees to violate their conscience is not good. And it is not just to impose lockdowns on children, who need to develop in the context of a well-integrated community.