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Incoming House Foreign Affairs Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) sat down with the New Republic last week to discuss his upcoming plans to hold the Biden Administration accountable for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.

“Above all, the veterans deserve answers as to what happened,” Rep. McCaul said. “Why did it go so badly? Why were Americans left behind? Why were Afghan partners we promised to protect, 100,000 of them, left to the Taliban?” 

“For you to make this kind of decision, for God’s sake have a plan,” the Texas congressman continued. “And what was the plan? I haven’t seen one.”

The withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 saw the deaths of 13 U.S. servicemen as the country fell under the control of the Taliban after more than 20 years of American presence in the country, according to the New Republic.

The withdrawal also saw the evacuation of thousands of Afghani civilians and the killing of 10 civilians in a botched drone strike by the U.S. military.

To get to the bottom of what truly happened on the ground in Kabul, Rep. McCaul requested Secretary of State Antony Blinken to hand over all documents related to the Afghanistan withdrawal.


“I am writing to formally request the preservation of documents and to renew prior requests for information regarding last year’s disastrous Afghanistan evacuation – some stretching back more than a year – for which we have not received satisfactory responses,” the congressman wrote in his letter to the Biden official. “Access to this information is critical to the Constitutional legislative and oversight responsibilities of Congress, and it is unacceptable for such requests to be ignored or given the attention they deserve.”

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McCaul has been leading the charge in trying to get answers from President Biden as the House GOP prepares to take the speakership in the new Congress.

In a report conducted in August, McCaul laid out a roadmap for Republican investigations into the withdrawal and provided increased details into the number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan as well as the role that the State Department played in the debacle, per the Washington Post.

“This interim report proves much of the deadly chaos during the evacuation from Afghanistan could have been prevented if the State Department and NSC had properly prepared for the expected fallout from President Biden’s decision to unconditionally withdrawal from the country against the advice of his senior military advisors and NATO allies,” Rep. McCaul stated. “As a result of their failure to plan, America’s adversaries have been emboldened and Afghanistan is once again a safe haven for terrorists who want to attack the United States.”

“The State Department’s refusal to provide this committee with any of the requested information related to the withdrawal and the resulting evacuation will not stop me or any other Committee Republicans from continuing this investigation until all our questions are answered and people are held accountable,” the Texan continued. “We owe this to the American people, and especially to our brave service men and women who served in Afghanistan and lost friends there.”

With Rep. McCaul at the helm of the investigation into Biden’s costly mistakes during the Afghanistan withdrawal, the American people will finally get answers into the blunders that led to 13 dead servicemen and humiliation on the world stage.

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