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Republican candidate for judge in Houston, Texas, announced she is contesting the results of her November 8 election. Alexandra del Moral Mealer, a graduate of West Point, former combat veteran, graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law, filed a petition claiming the results of her election against Lina Hidalgo (D-TX) are inaccurate due to ‘voter suppression’ that occurred on Election Day. 

After releasing the election contest to the public, Mealer explained her reasoning for this bold move in a statement, “After reviewing all publicly available data, I have decided to file an election contest in light of the post-election assessment submitted by Harris County Election Administrator Clifford Tatum.”

“It is inexcusable that after two months, the public is no further along in knowing if, and to what extent, votes were suppressed. Far from being a ‘success’ as the report characterizes, there were serious operational issues that occurred throughout Election Day that call into question whether the county’s failures denied voters their right to vote,” Mealer asserts.

According to the election results, Mealer lost to Democrat incumbent Lina Hidalgo by a little more than 18,000 votes out of over one million votes cast.

“There is no dispute that there were several dozens of polling locations who at some point in the day, ran out of paper and turned voters away – even the Elections Administrator concedes this much is true, originally stating in his update that at least 20 locations reported running out of paper,” the petition alleges.


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“Before this election, Harris County was on notice that its technology was not up to par,” Mealer explained, adding “its system of tracking supplies (such as paper) and real-time voter check-in (so as to balance its supply provision at locations) was severely lacking.”

Due to these issues, a lawsuit has been filed; the contestant requests that the court either determine Mealer as the true winner of the November 8th election or declare the election void and grant a new one. 

“Unlike those holding office, I do not have the weight of government behind me to investigate the matters with the gravity and effort that reports of voter suppression justify but I do have the ability to exercise my legal rights as a candidate,” she said. “My decision to file an election contest is fundamentally about protecting the right to vote in free and fair elections. There aren’t a lot of things Lina Hidalgo and I agree on but surely, we can both agree that it is un-American to suppress votes.” 

Following Mealer’s decision to contest the results of her election, 17 other candidates in the Houston area decided to follow suit, according to Mark McCraig, Chairman of the Texas Republican Initiative. 

What will happen with these court cases is unknown; however, all these candidates have the right to question the election results legally. 

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