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Kayla and Kellie Bingham were accused of cheating on their medical exams in 2016 by the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina. The two sat four to five feet apart and had no line of sight between them, their views blocked by monitors.

Their test scores were judged to be too similar.

The Bingham sisters, who are identical twins, were found guilty of cheating by the College of Medicine’s Honor Council according to Breitbart citing People MagazineMUSC faculty claimed that the twins cheated by sending signals to one another and passing notes during the test.

The school’s dean later cleared them of any wrongdoing and reversed the decision a week later, but according to the twins, the damage was already done. The two were shunned on campus by their peers, their reputations were destroyed. They described the situation to Insider, explaining that they were “uninvited” from weddings and had long-time friends stop talking to them entirely.

“It happened wherever we went,” Kayla said according to Insider. “People would gossip about us and we’d get a cold reception.”

“It was devastating,” Kellie said. “We both knew that we’d done nothing wrong.”

“We didn’t sleep, we lost weight, gained weight, lost weight,” Kayla said.

The Binghams filed a defamation suit against the University in 2017. It took five years for the courts to hear their case.

At their Dean’s recommendation, Kayla and Kellie withdrew from MUSC in 2016. Kellie in particular told Insider she was shattered that they were forced to abandon their medical careers.

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“It honestly killed me,” Kellie said. “I’d dreamed about being a doctor since I was little  —  Kayla and I wanted to help people.”

The sister’s legal argument was robust, their attorneys presented evidence that the two had a long history of similar scores in their testing history. Professor Nancy Segal of USC Fullerton of the University’s Twin Studies Center testified that research has shown identical twins to score similarly in IQ testing and demonstrate similar mental strengths and weaknesses when compared to fraternal twins.

“Identical twins do tend to show similar patterns, similar test-taking behaviors, similar wrong answers because they process information in the same way,” Segal told the Washington Post.

The sisters had since decided to become lawyers independently coming to the decision according to Breitbart. Their struggle brought them closer to as well, “We relied on each other,” Kayla said. “We came together with the decision to fight — and we did.”

The two now work together at the same law firm, having graduated from law school with similar GPAs and both specializing in… defamation lawsuits.

“We did not want anyone to have to go through what we had been through, ever again,” Kayla said. “We switched paths so that we could at least try and ensure sure that people don’t have to endure what we did.”

The sisters now 31, were aided in their defense by a professor at their college before they went to law school, he told the court that the two had given the exact same answers in a 2012 exam — from opposite ends of a room he explained. It was impossible for them to collaborate.

“They are genetically predisposed to behave the same way,” Segal said. “They’ve been raised the same and are natural partners in the same environment.”

When the verdict in their favor finally came, Kayla told Insider that she held Kellie’s hand.  “It was the biggest moment of our lives,” Kayla said. “We’ve been living with this for six years and we’ve finally had everything restored to us.”