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Rose City Antifa, a Portland area cell of the loosely related leftist terrorist movement has claimed responsibility for the vandalism of a communally-owned bar called The Workers Tap on Jan. 29th.

In a post to the Rose City “Anarchist counter-info platform,” archived by The Post Millennial, an anonymous member of the group wrote,

“In the early hours of January 29th, some disabled anarchist attacked Worker’s Tap through tagging it and damaging a window. Due to the bullet-proof glass, the window’s damage would only consist of small dents. However, multiple phrases were thrown up.”

“A circle ‘(A)’ to signify that this was an anarchist who did this action,” the post read. “A ‘161’ to call out that it was fascists forces whom originally paved the path of COVID as a genocide since April 2020 through the blood of primarily Black and Indigenous disabled people, a road of bones which now many liberals and ableist anarchists goose-stomp on in collaboration with the fascists to maintain a ‘normal’ for keeping bars and other viral-friendly entertainment operating at the expense of disabled lives.”

“Finally, “COVID Kills!” was written twice to address how this bar inherently operates with unmitigated COVID spread, murdering disabled people in the process; its funnily hypocritical that the place has bullet-proof windows to protect patrons from CHUDS but no air ventilation inside the building to reduce COVID spread,” the anonymous member continued. “The lethal violence which Worker’s Tap, along with every bar, restaurant with indoor dining, club, etc., enact on disabled people is absolutely unacceptable and needs to be fought back against.”

Editor-At-Large of The Post Millennial, Andy Ngô tweeted that the “#Antifa blog published claim of responsibility for a purported attack on a far-left bar in Portland as retaliation for them ‘spreading Covid’ by remaining open. Worker’s Tap helps fundraise for the Atlanta gunman & the terror autonomous zone.”

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The post continued explaining that the act was considered to be “retaliation” against “event organizers in the anarchist scene who contribute to the COVID pandemic by organizing super-spreader gatherings that, in the end, lead to more disabled people dying.”

The author claimed that the COVID-19 virus “has been weaponized as a genocide against disabled people through the fascist measure of treating Covid as ‘endemic.'”

The Workers Tap is ostensibly a co-op or commune-style business according to its website it claims to be “[democratic] and profits are split amongst our members,” and has in the past held events in “solidarity” with the terrorist group the “Atlanta Forest Defenders.”

The bar has even posted additions to its in-house library with new books that include, “White Women,” “The Enduring Legacy of Portland’s Black Panthers,” and “Insurrection: Rebellion, Civil Rights, and the Paradoxical State of Black Citizenship,” according to The Post Millennial.

In Portland, the leftist organizations appear to be breaking down and warring amongst themselves.

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