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Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY) announced Friday he favors dismantling the FBI and launching investigations into the activities of big tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Comer was on Fox News’s “Hannity,” where he reacted to the release of the explosive “Twitter Files.” He offered viewers a succinct explanation of how a Republican-led House will respond to the monumental evidence Musk unvieled.

“Well, this is serious. And this is gonna be a top priority for Republicans on the Oversight Committee. We have been talking about this for three straight weeks. It has increased the attention since Elon Musk has started to do the right thing in becoming transparent at Twitter. I was concerned that this was a rogue FBI employee or two,” Comer began.

“But we knew the FBI was the one communicating with the three Twitter employees — Mr. Roth, Mrs. Gadde and Mr. Baker — that this was Russian disinformation pertaining to the Hunter Biden laptop, which as you know we are investigating the entire Biden influence-peddling scheme,” Comer added. “This is serious, what else are they involved in at the FBI? The entire FBI needs to be dismantled, we need to start all over. We need to enact strict reforms, and there need to be checks and balances at the FBI.”


After laying out the evidence favoring a robust Republican response, Comer turned to big tech — arguing they too, require increased scrutiny:

“This is just Twitter. Can you imagine what they are doing at Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms? And what about the mainstream media? I mean, this is very concerning.”

Comer then got into the specifics of how a GOP Congress might handle investigations into big tech:

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“This is gonna take several committees, focusing a lot of attention. Big tech is gonna be a priority for the Republican Congress. You are going to have the Energy and Commerce Committee, you are going to have the House Intelligence Committee, you are going to have the House Judiciary Committee, and you are going to have the House Oversight Committee. All Committees are investigating certain areas where there needs to be oversight,” Comer remarked.

“But one thing is becoming a pattern here, that the FBI was involved in censorship, in every form or fashion … They have stepped in where the Government does not belong.  And this has to end and people need to be held accountable,” Comer ended.