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Former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno is in good condition after a recent car fire accident, one that required the comedian to receive surgery for the burns he endured.

As the Associated Press reports:

“Jay Leno underwent surgery for serious burns suffered when flames erupted as he worked on a vintage car and remains hospitalized for further treatment, the physician overseeing his care said Wednesday.”

While the accident is cause for concern, it looks as though Leno is recovering quite well, especially given the circumstances of the accident.

“The former ‘Tonight Show’ host was in good condition and his wife, Mavis, is with him at the Grossman Burn Center north of Los Angeles, said Peter H. Grossman, medical director of the center at West Hills Hospital,” the AP adds. “He is in good spirits today,’ Grossman told a televised news conference. Last weekend, Leno suffered burns to his face, hands and chest that the plastic surgeon categorized as second-degree or verging on more severe.”

Leno is well-known for his exhaustive vintage car collection. Indeed, Jay Leno has over 180 vintage and exotic cars in his collection:


“Jay Leno’s legendary car collection now boasts over 180 exotic cars, hypercars and museum-grade artifacts. Put simply, nobody else in the world has a space-age McLaren P1 parked near their antique fire engine,” US News reports.

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As such, it is not a stretch to call Leno an automotive fanatic. Indeed, Leno hosts the CNBC series “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which has been produced since 2015.

Leno was optimistic about his recovery, claiming he would only need a “week or two” to be back on his feet. Grossman, his physician, was more realistic:

“I had to tell him that he needs to step back a little bit and just realize that some of this takes time… He’s very compliant, he understands that. I think he’s realizing that he does need to perhaps take it a little slower than he initially anticipated.”

While this is obviously a developing story, we hope and pray for a full recovery.