Leftist Comedians Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan Get Named in Disgusting Sexual Abuse Case Against SNL Star Horatio Sanz

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and comedian Tracy Morgan have been added to a list of defendants in a sexual abuse lawsuit brought against Saturday Night Live (SNL) star Horatio Sanz.

The woman who filed suit alleges that Sanz sexually assaulted her at an SNL after-party in 2002 when she was 17. She claims that Fallon enabled the misconduct.

“Central to the SNL cast’s culture are its world-famous ‘after-parties’ and ‘after-after-parties,’ to which SNL transports guests in limousines from its offices at Rockefeller Center,” the lawsuit alleges, adding, “These parties are the stuff of legends; they are major career networking opportunities with the rich and powerful SNL luminaries.”

In the suit, the woman alleges that she was groomed by Sanz when she was 16 after making an SNL fan page which led to her invitations to parties where they served alcohol knowing that she was underage, according to The Week.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Tracy Morgan hired sex workers to attend the parties as well and that on the night of the party she was assaulted in view of partygoers. 

“17-year-old Jane was very drunk as they made out, and Sanz began rubbing Jane’s vagina over her clothing,” the filing explains. “In a moment that felt like her worst nightmare, Jane glanced up to see that the majority of the SNL cast was gawking at her. Worse, two of her lifelong idols, Fey and Dratch, were not only staring directly at her, watching her being groped, but giggling excitedly with their hands over their mouths.”


“Suddenly, Sanz grabbed Jane’s breasts and lifted them out of her shirt from behind, exposing them to all of the party attendees, but for his hands. When Fey and Dratch saw Jane looking at them, they immediately hid behind others, though they continued to giggle,” the suit alleges, adding, “Jane protested as best she could, asking Sanz repeatedly to stop, but he did not. … Jane’s unwitting role as the party entertainment may have been terrible for her, but it served its purpose. In her 2012 memoir, Dratch later described that party as ‘the most memorable after-after party.’”

For Fallon’s part, the lawsuit claims that he “was as aware of Sanz’s online grooming efforts as he was of his in-person conduct.” The woman also claims that Fallon drank alcohol with her knowing she was still in high school.

A week after the incident, Sanz and Fallon brought the woman and a friend of hers to another after party where Sanz told her, “Don’t worry, Jimmy [Fallon] doesn’t care if you’re a slut,” per the Daily Wire.

“NBC, Sanz, Michaels, Fallon, and Morgan enabled each other’s crime of unlawfully dealing with a child and endangering the welfare of a child,” the filing concludes. “As a direct and proximate result, Doe has suffered emotional and psychological distress, physical injury, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, humiliation, embarrassment, pain, and suffering, and economic damages.”

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