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On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the Biden classified document scandal and the double standard present within the Department of Justice.

“I want to talk about the double standard and the lack of equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws,” said Hannity at the beginning of the segment.

“Well Sean, this past week has been the worst week for the Biden White House since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Cruz explained in reference to the botched withdrawal of American troops in August 2021. “Since the murder of 13 servicemen and women. The White

House hasn’t had as bad a week as they have had. They’ve had incompetence, they’ve had sandal, they’ve had corruption, they’ve had dishonesty, and they’ve had hypocrisy. And all of that has been on display in the past week.”

“When we saw Merrick Garland stand up and appoint a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden, I joked on my podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz, that Merrick Garland was like a hostage video,” the Texan explained concerning the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur. “He was blinking out SOS because he was so unhappy. He was forced to do it. He had no choice but to appoint a special counsel given the utter hypocrisy that he was going after Trump.”

“It was discovered that Biden had classified documents not in one place, not in two places, not in three places, but four and five. He had them stuck by his corvette, he had them stuck in a room next to his garage, he had them in the Penn Center, he had them in the residence. You’ve got to wonder where Joe Biden didn’t have classified documents,” Cruz emphasized. “And with all of his preening about irresponsibility, he is either being dishonest or incompetent. But what is clear is that he is sending Karine Jean-Pierre out there to dissemble, to mislead, to say things that are factually false. Day after day she stands up and says falsehoods from that podium and I think it’s only going to get worse.”

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Hannity then asked Cruz why there hasn’t been a raid by the FBI like the one seen on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last year and why the classified documents were hidden from the public until January given that they were discovered before the midterm elections.


“Because this administration is corrupt and it’s dishonest,” Cruz stated. “They knew about it on November 2nd. The achieves knew about it. The Department of Justice knew about it. We’ve learned that the Biden Department of Justice leaks like a sieve when it’s against Donald Trump.”

“We see photographs of the raid, we see all sorts of leaks when it is politically advantageous. And yet in this instance, six days before the election, miraculously DOJ was slammed tight like a trap,” he explained. “They were not going to leak it because they want Democrats to win.

And I think one of the very worst legacies of Joe Biden has been the deep corruption of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Why didn’t the FBI raid Joe Biden’s Delaware home? Why didn’t they raid the Penn Center? Why did they trust the lawyers? ‘Hey you guys look around, see what’s there.'”

“Because it is a patently double standard. And I will say this: I think the White House is not really concerned about legal exposure,” Cruz answered. “Merrick Garland appointed to special counsel someone who had been the right hand of Rod Rosenstein, who had been the right hand to Chris Ray. I think that they believe that the special counsel is going to give them a slap on the wrist, put it under the rug, and be done with it.”

“They’re not really worried about facing an indictment. Here is what they are worried about. Merrick Garland and the Biden White House wanted to indict Donald J. Trump,” the senator said in conclusion, adding, “They wanted to indict him for Mar-a-Lago and suddenly they are in a world of hurt politically because if they bring that indictment, even someone who’s been asleep under a log for 100 years will wake up and say ‘well wait for a second, why did you indict that guy for something the other guy did.'”

With the Biden White House continuing to run damage control for the president’s misdeeds, the Department of Justice has shown its true colors by failing to take as stringent of actions against Biden as they did against Trump. Americans can see that double standard and it doesn’t look good for the president’s reputation.

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