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President Joe Biden appears to have lost the support of the Democratic Party’s far-left flank. A new ad that was introduced shortly after the New Hampshire mid-term election has a clear and simple message for Biden from his far-left base: “Don’t Run Joe.”

The ad campaign that began in November has subsequently spread to three more states. According to reporting from The Western Journal, the group behind the campaign is called RootsAction, a group that supported Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

A press release from the group revealed Wednesday that the ad will be broadcast in the deep-blue districts of Atlanta and Detroit and the more competitive Columbia, South Carolina.

Pia Gallegos, board chair of explained in the release, “On behalf of most Democrats as well as our party’s activist base, we are strongly urging President Biden not to seek renomination.”

RootsAction cofounder Jeff Cohen added, “We’re expanding our ad campaign to amplify a message about where a majority of Democrats stand. It’s a crucial message for Joe Biden to hear and heed.”

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RootsAction references several recent polls from CNBC and CNN that show 60 percent of Democrats do not favor Biden’s candidacy in 2024. In addition polling from NBC in November showed Biden polling at an “all-time low with independents.” A polling average from RealClearPolitics gave an even grimmer assessment, showing Biden at an abysmal approval rating of just 42.4 percent.

One speaker in the ad makes the claim, “Our ideas are way more popular than Joe Biden is,” while another speaker states “Joe Biden representing the status quo in 2024 simply won’t cut it.” A third voter warns in the ad that “we can’t afford to risk the White House for a Republican who could defeat status-quo Joe.”

The advertisement makes no effort to present a viable Democrat alternative to Biden.  Polling from RaceToTheWH suggests that without Biden in the race, Vice President Kamala Harris would lead the field with 25.6% followed by Sanders at 13.1%, Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg at 10.9%, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez polling in single digits.